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To the Editor:

As I sit looking out my window I clearly see gathering storm clouds upon the horizon. These clouds are formed from indifference — do they belong to you? With the ending of Paul Southland’s contract at Thomas Bay, we are headed for a fiscal cliff of our own. This opening could result in a weak leader at Thomas Bay, someone not suited to stand up to the hostile take over that SEAPA represents. These SEAPA carpet bagger would fire all of our home grown skilled labor. Deprive this community of $500,000.00 worth of income from these people, and leave our power grid vulnerable to the whims of outside imported contractors. You cannot tell me that bringing in a work crew from where ever is cheaper than just picking up the phone and calling your neighbor. I challenge all of you to travel past the curves on Zimovia and look to your right. What do you see? A building falling to ruins, with piles of ruined buildings behind, that were a large wood mill where people worked, remember that financial impact, brought upon this community by some Experts? I met a whole group of hand wringers for this mill when I was on the Economic Development Committee, guess what, it’s a lot harder to wish something back when it’s gone. Difference here is that when our power supply is gone from here we will all freeze since we changed most of our heat to electric. Time to get involved here folks, or start chopping wood.

Kipha Valvoda


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