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To the Editor:

Hospice of Wrangell is interested in you.

We are stretched thin to meet the needs of our community. We need your help. Organized in 2001, we've supported those living with a life-threatening illness and those at the end of life. Hospice philosophy believes that the end of life is not a medical experience, it is a human experience that benefits from supporters bringing comfort, self-respect, and tranquility to people in the final experience of life.

Hospice of Wrangell is an all-volunteer program. Volunteers offer their time, usually 1-2 hours per visit. Hospice provides a training program and monthly support meetings in addition to spring and fall training symposiums, which are open to the community. Volunteers don't provide medical services to clients.

There are many ways to help Hospice of Wrangell. Volunteers set up the annual Christmas Tree Lane in the Nolan Center Lobby, and assist with the Dove Tree Memorial Ceremony each November. Maybe you'd be willing to serve on our board, with only six meetings a year. With more volunteers, we could offer grief support. We have produced two booklets: Wrangell Senior Resource Directory and Final Arrangements. Volunteers are needed to update and publish more copies before the Health Fair.

Hospice manages the Community Loan Closet. Over the years, Wrangellites have generously donated used medical equipment to be shared with others in need. There now exists an impressive array of items: wheelchairs, walkers, bedside commodes, self-care aids such as grabbers, crutches, bath benches, and more. Hospital beds are also available. Harriet Schirmer and Marlene Merritt currently manage the Loan Closet.

Contact Alice Rooney, Harriet Schirmer, Sandi Calvert, Linnea Brooks, or Jacquie Dozier, or come to the Annual Meeting Sunday, February 10, 2 pm at the Garnet Room.

Alice Rooney, President

Wrangell Hospice

To the Editor:

I would be honored to take up the gaval and resume the mayor’s place, to serve the people of Wrangell. Please place my name in the hat.

Kipha Valvoda


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