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Police reports


Monday, April 22

- Person brought in a cell phone they found.

- Blasting at the City rock pit was done.

- Caller reported a big bang and that their trailer shook. Given info about blasting.

- Traffic Stop: Verbal warning for driving habits.

- Person called concerned about someone that has not returned home yet. Individual came home.

Tuesday, April 23

- Warning given for illegal parking. Person moved their vehicle.

- 911 - Caller needed assist and FD was notified and responded.

- Report of Abandoned vehicles.

- Citation issued to Dawn Marie Mill, age 52, for Dog At Large.

Wednesday, April 24

- Arrested Jerry L. Knapp, age 60, on charges of Driving Under the Influence.

- Possible DV.

- Traffic Stop: Verbal warning for faulty equipment,

- Traffic Stop: Citation issued to Bart Churchill, age 54, for Failure to Provide Proof of Insurance.

- Report of Theft.

Thursday, April 25

- MVA – Car vs. deer.

Friday, April 26

- Report of a small skiff floating. FD dispatched.

- Caller reported hearing a sound like gunshot and then flares. Sounds coming from direction of airport may have been noise for bird control.

- Caller reported a vehicle parked in loading zone at school. Officer responded. Vehicle moved.

- Report of Possible Burglary. Officer contacted owner everything fine.

- Report of possible broken water main. Public Works notified.

- Arrested Randall Merion Fordyce, age 53, Probation Violation.

Saturday, April 27

- Arrested and released Susan Georgina Stevens, age 63, on charges of DUI.

Sunday, April 28

- MVA - Person requested an officer in regards to a minor accident that happened the day before. Officers responded.

- Officer unlocked vehicle.

- Caller reported losing their cell phone. It had already been turned into the station.

- Officer issued citation to Brian Markle, age 26, for Failure to Show Proof of Insurance and verbal warning for unsafe


- It was reported that someone had flipped a 16-foot Bayliner but that everyone was okay and boat will be taken care of.

- Citation issued to Marty L Remund, age 57, for Failure to Show Valid Proof of Insurance and verbal warning for faulty equipment.

There were four dog calls and three ambulance calls during the week.


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