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Alaska Airlines golf tournament results


July 13

Alaska Airlines, 18-hole "Drop Out" Scramble

1st place: Don Roher, Joe Lewis and Chelsea Mills. Net score 37, team handicap 39

2nd place: Eric Kading, Faye Kohrt, Ernie Christian, Dustin Phillips. Net score 44, team handicap 31.

3rd place: Ray Pederson, Curt Birchell, Desi Burrell, Sean Griss. Net score 47, team handicap 29.

4th place: Judy Bakeburg, Tom Wolford, Frank and Pat Roppel. Net score 48, team handicap 29.

Straightest Drive: Chelsea Mills

Closest to the Pin: Mike White

July 14

Alaska Airlines, 9-hole Best Ball Scramble

1st place: Tyler Gunn, Mike Ottesen, Colin Dando, Dustin Phillips. Net score 17, team handicap 17.

2nd place: Wayne Harding, Toot Harding and Grover Mathis. Net score 19, team handicap 17.

3rd place: Rodney Littleton, Sean Griss, Desi Burrell, Ray Pederson. Net score 21, team handicap 14.

4th place: Jerry and Judy Bakeburg and Frank and Pat Roppel. Net score 21, team handicap 16.

5th place: Robbie Robinson, Leeann Robinson, Glacier Larsen, Warren Edgley. Net score 21, team handicap 18.

Straightest Drive: Randy Littleton

Closest to the Pin: None

There was a three-way tie between 3rd, 4th and 5th places. 3rd place broke the tie with five strokes on fairway No. 2. The other two had six strokes. The 4th place team had a par on fairway No. 2, breaking the tie between 4th and 5th.

Alaska Airlines offered an unrestricted system-wide round trip ticket for the "Straightest Drive" and "Closest to the Pin" winners each day. No one got Closest to the Pin on Sunday, so the ticket was drawn for out of the names of participants. Earl Craig was the lucky winner from this drawing.

The grand prize drawing for four unrestricted system-wide round trip tickets went to Ray Pederson from Petersburg, Alaska.


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