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On July 10, Wrangell Magistrate Christine Ellis adjudicated the following cases:

Spencer Stavee, age 26, was found guilty of being Alcohol Restricted in a Licensed Area. He was sentenced to serve 30 days in jail with credit for Community Work Service previously performed, and pay $600 in fines and surcharges.

William Nakamura, age 36, was found guilty of Assault in the Fourth Degree, Possession of a Controlled Substance, Violating Conditions of Release, Criminal Mischief in Third Degree, and Criminal Trespass in a Dwelling. He was sentenced to serve 22 months and five days with the Alaska Department of Corrections, pay $1,650 in fines, surcharges and attorney fee repayment, forfeiture of drugs in one of his cases, serve three years of probation, and comply with a requirement to contact Alaska Island Community Services upon release.

On July 15 First District Judge Kevin Miller adjudicated the following case:

Bryan Thompson, age 27, was found to have Violated Conditions of Release in a previous case from 2012. The revocation was triggered by an allegation of Driving Under the Influence and other non-compliance issues. He was ordered to serve a remaining balance of 15 months in jail and pay a $100 surcharge. Thompson’s probation was terminated.


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