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Planning and Zoning approves preliminary replot for tidelands


The borough planning and zoning commission held a public hearing for a preliminary plat review March 13.

The proposed re-plat would combine Dave Svendsen’s previously existing portions of tidelands – currently designated Lot 1 and Lot 2 — near Wrangell’s Inner Harbor into a single 20,366 square-foot lot designated as Lot 1A. In addition to combining the two lots, the replot will add a 1,955 square-foot triangle shaped piece of previously unsubdivided tidelands.

Svendsen has been in the process of obtaining the re-plat since at least January, and has received past approvals from Planning and Zoning and the Ports Commission, said Economic Development Officer Carol Rushmore.

The replot will now move to a second hearing with planning and zoning, then head to a final approval by the borough assembly before taking effect.

The next planning and zoning commission meeting is set for 7 p.m. April 10. If approved there, it could appear on the April 22 borough assembly agenda.


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