Police reports

Monday, July 8

- Person requested vacation checks

- Officer responded to report of possible vandalism.

Tuesday, July 9

- Officer responded to parking complaint.

- Possible theft.

- Person reported being locked out of house. Officer was able to unlock the door.

Wednesday, July 10

- Random breath test given.

- Parking complaint.

- Citation issued to Jessica Rice, age 36, for Parking within Terminal.

- Verbal altercation.

- Citation issued to David Gillen, age 20, for MICS VI. Verbal warning for speeding.

Thursday, July 11

- Disorderedly conduct warning given.

- Vacation check.

- MVA.

- Suspicious person reported.

- Fireworks call - Officer responded.

Friday, July 12

- Person requested vacation checks.

- Officer responded to report of vehicle theft. Vehicle was recovered.

- Arrested Jonathan Annis, age 30, on charges of Violating Conditions of Release.

Saturday, July 13

- Officer responded to a welfare check.

- Officer unlocked a vehicle.

- Person given a verbal warning for parking.

- Officer responded to a welfare check. All was fine.

Sunday, July 14

- Officer investigating a suspicious circumstance.

- Officer responded to report of harassment. Officer responded person was gone.

- Officers responded to a report of DUI.

- Person reported fireworks going off.

There were three dog calls and two ambulance calls during the week.


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