School district working to combat bullying


March 28, 2019

Caleb Vierkant / Wrangell Sentinel

Superintendent Debbe Lancaster standing next to a poster of the Wrangell School District's values. Lancaster said that bullying does happen in Wrangell, but that it is not very common compared to other districts. She added that the district is working to decrease the amount of bullying even further, partially through adults setting a good example for kids.

Bullying is, unfortunately, a common occurrence in many schools across the country. With modern technology, it is not limited to the schools any more, either. Bullying can come in many forms, from unkind words, to physical violence, to ostracism, to harassment via social media. While many people may want to pretend that bullying is not a serious issue, or that it does not even happen in their local school district, it happens everywhere.

Even in Wrangell, there are instances of bullying. District Superintendent Debbe Lancaster said that she and school staff are working hard to end bullying...

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