Alaska Raptor Center visits for Birdfest


Caleb Vierkant/ Wrangell Sentinel

Jennifer Cedarleaf stopped by Evergreen Elementary School last week with Glaucus and Sophie, a Barred Owl and American Kestrel. Swanberg and Cedarleaf work with the Alaska Raptor Center, a Sitka-based rehabilitation center for sick or injured birds. The Center primarily cares for raptors, such as eagles, owls, and hawks, but according to their website they will help "any bird in need." They came to Wrangell as a part of Birdfest, to educate the public about Alaska's wide variety of raptors.

The Alaska Raptor Center is a Sitka-based rehabilitation center that cares for sick or injured birds. The Center cares for raptors, primarily, such as eagles, hawks, and owls. However, according to their website, they will care for "any bird in need." As a part of the Stikine River Birding Festival, two human and two avian representatives of the organization came to Wrangell to teach people about Alaska's raptors.

Raptors have several distinct characteristics from other types of birds. These characteristics include curved beaks and sharp talons, and powerful neck muscles for tearing away me...

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