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 By James Brooks    News    July 27, 2022

Almost 1 in 5 state jobs are vacant as hiring struggle gets worse

The top employees of the Alaska Permanent Fund Corp. are some of the highest-paid public workers in Alaska, but with wages rising across the country and employers competing for skilled labor, even the $80 billion Permanent Fund is struggling to keep...

 By James Brooks    News    July 27, 2022

State sues federal government over polluted lands transferred to Native corporations

The state has sued the U.S. Department of the Interior in an attempt to hold the federal government responsible for the identification of thousands of polluted sites on land given to Alaska Native corporations. A complete inventory is a first step...

 By James Brooks    News    July 27, 2022

Dunleavy ahead of Walker in fundraising in final weeks before primary

Incumbent Gov. Mike Dunleavy has raised more money than any other candidate in this year’s Alaska governor’s race over the past five months and is heading toward the Aug. 16 primary election with more cash in his campaign war chest than his chall...

 By James Brooks    News    July 20, 2022

Legislature works on new policy governing use of social media

With two of its members facing lawsuits for their social media practices, the Alaska Legislature is contemplating new advice and policies to cover its 60 members. The joint House-Senate Legislative Council unveiled its first draft of a new policy...

 By James Brooks    News    July 13, 2022

Trump calls Murkowski 'by far the worst' at Anchorage rally

In front of more than 5,000 cheering supporters in Anchorage on Saturday, former President Donald Trump fulfilled a year-old promise to campaign in Alaska against incumbent U.S. Sen. Lisa Murkowski,...

 By James Brooks    News    July 13, 2022

State allows distilleries to sell premixed drinks in small kegs to bars, restaurants

Alaska’s state alcohol regulator is declining to stop distilleries from selling kegs of premixed cocktails despite a warning by federal regulators, who have concluded that the process is illegal. The Alaska Alcohol Control Board has rescinded an...

 By James Brooks    News    July 6, 2022

Anchorage legislative candidate faces trial on felony charges

If all goes as Lisa Simpson expects, she will win the August primary for an Anchorage state House seat and be cleared of several felonies about the same time. Simpson, a former aide to Anchorage Rep. Gabrielle LeDoux, is facing trial in August...

 By James Brooks    News    June 29, 2022

Court considers sovereign immunity for tribal health care corporations

The Alaska Supreme Court is considering a case that could redefine the extent of legal protection for corporations — including health care consortiums — jointly operated by Alaska Native tribes. The verdict could have implications across the stat...


Advocates question high ballot rejection rate among Native voters

As election officials count votes in Alaska’s first-ever statewide election by mail, they have rejected thousands of submitted ballots, including one in six from a Western Alaska state House district, causing concern from observers who say the...

 By James Brooks    News    June 15, 2022

Court considers whether Alaska lawmakers can ban people from their Facebook page

An Anchorage Superior Court judge is considering when and if it is legal for a state legislator to ban a constituent from the lawmaker’s legislative Facebook page. On June 8, Judge Thomas Matthews heard oral arguments in a lawsuit brought by an Eag...

 By James Brooks    News    June 1, 2022

Legislature fails to adopt limits on campaign donations

The Alaska Legislature failed to pass new restrictions on financial donations to candidates for state office. Because a federal court threw out Alaska’s old limits, the Legislature’s failure means candidates may accept unlimited amounts of money...

 By James Brooks    News    June 1, 2022

At least 25% of Legislature not seeking reelection or running for other office

Months before Alaska’s state elections, the Legislature is set for major turnover. At least 17 of the Legislature’s 60 members will be in a new position or out of office entirely by next January — and that doesn’t count anyone who loses their...

 By James Brooks    News    April 20, 2022

State expects to spend millions to guard against cyberattacks

The commissioner of Alaska’s Department of Revenue was called into a special meeting last month to discuss a problem: The Permanent Fund Dividend Division was under cyberattack. In a short period of time, more than 800,000 attempts were made to...

 By James Brooks    News    April 13, 2022

House approves budget with $2,600 payment for Alaskans

The Alaska House of Representatives voted Saturday to turn an oil-price surge into money for schools, repayment of tax credits the state has owed to oil explorers for years, and $2,600 payments for Alaska residents this fall. The House voted 25-14...

 By James Brooks    News    March 30, 2022

State Supreme Court says 2 Anchorage Senate districts unconstitutional

The Alaska Supreme Court ruled Friday that a new map of state Senate districts for Anchorage “constituted an unconstitutional political gerrymander violating equal protection under the Alaska Constitution” and must be redrawn before its use in th...

 By James Brooks    News    March 23, 2022

Special election will fill congressional vacancy

The new election system approved by Alaska voters in 2020 will get an unexpected first test this summer with a special election to fill the seat left vacant by the death of Congressman Don Young, Alaska’s sole member in the U.S. House of...


Lawmakers propose $1,300 'energy relief check' for Alaskans

State House lawmakers have proposed paying Alaskans almost $1,300 as an “energy relief check” on top of the annual Permanent Fund dividend. As presented by the House Finance Committee on Friday, the two payments would total about $2,500 this...

 By James Brooks    News    March 2, 2022

PFD fraud case against Fisheries Board nominee ends in plea deal

A former nominee to the Alaska Board of Fisheries and a prominent Cook Inlet commercial fisherman pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor count of unsworn falsification on Feb. 18, ending a six-year legal struggle that saw him accused of multiple counts of... Full story

 By James Brooks    News    February 23, 2022

Judge finds fault with redistricting map, 'secretive procedures'

An Alaska judge upheld most of the state’s newly redistricted legislative district map on Feb. 15 but overturned a decision that created two East Anchorage Senate seats linked with more politically conservative Eagle River. The judge also ruled in...

 By James Brooks    News    February 23, 2022

Judge upholds Dunleavy decision to sweep scholarship money into state general fund

A group of four Alaska college students has appealed a state court ruling that upheld a decision by Gov. Mike Dunleavy to drain the state’s $410 million higher-education investment fund. The decision made scholarship programs subject to annual...

 By James Brooks    News    February 16, 2022

State charges Anchorage business owners with 'Made in Alaska' fraud

The state is accusing the owners of an Anchorage souvenir-making business of consumer fraud, saying in documents filed with Anchorage Superior Court that their “Made in Alaska” products are actually made in the Philippines. Robert Merry,...

 By James Brooks    News    January 20, 2022

Permanent Fund board chair defends firing of executive director

Under questioning from a bipartisan legislative committee on Monday, the chairman of the Alaska Permanent Fund defended the board’s decision to fire former executive director Angela Rodell but declined to answer substantive questions about the...

 By James Brooks    News    January 6, 2022

Lt. Gov. decides not to seek reelection; Dunleavy needs new running mate

Lt. Gov. Kevin Meyer will not run for reelection in 2022, leaving Gov. Mike Dunleavy free to choose a new Republican running mate this year. In an interview Dec. 28, Meyer did not rule out an eventual return to politics, but said he wants to take a...

 By James Brooks    News    June 3, 2021

Former legislator, Sealaska president Albert Kookesh dies at 72

A former co-chair of the Alaska Federation of Natives, former board president of the Sealaska Corp. and a retired Democratic state legislator died last Friday at his home in Angoon. Albert Kookesh was 72. Kookesh was fighting prostate cancer. Alaska...


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