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 By James Brooks    News    May 22, 2024 

Fall payment to Alaskans will total about $1,655

The Alaska Legislature has approved the state budget with a Permanent Fund dividend and bonus of about $1,655 per recipient. The exact figure this fall will depend on the number of approved applicants. The Legislature finished work and adjourned May... Full story

 By Alaska Beacon    News    May 22, 2024 

Legislature passes budget with one-year school funding increase

The 33rd Alaska Legislature came to a shuddering but active end early Thursday morning, May 16, as lawmakers passed the state’s annual budget and several high-profile bills. While legislators met their short-term goals, they didn’t hit some law... Full story

 By Alaska Beacon    News    May 22, 2024 

New law tells state board to follow court ruling on correspondence student spending

Families who use Alaska’s homeschool program will soon have clarity on how they may spend their annual allotments of state money. Lawmakers directed the Alaska Board of Education to write temporary regulations for the state’s correspondence sch... Full story

 By Yereth Rosen    News    May 22, 2024 

Legislation allows stashing climate-harming carbon gases underground

The Alaska Legislature has passed a bill that combines underground storage of carbon dioxide, new regulation of underground storage of natural gas, state financing for new Cook Inlet natural gas development and an expansion of the state’s g... Full story

 By Larry Persily    News    May 15, 2024

Legislature approves budget with money for Wrangell projects

Several of Wrangell’s requests are included in the state capital budget of public works projects that the Legislature approved last week, sending the spending plan to the governor for signature into law or veto. Unless the governor uses his veto p...

 By Claire Stremple    News    May 15, 2024

Legislators bolster Alaska Native languages council

Lawmakers have added four Alaska Native languages to the state’s official language tally and renamed the council that advocates for their survival and revitalization. Members of the Senate approved their version of House Bill 26 with a unanimous v... Full story

 By James Brooks    News    May 15, 2024

Legislature rejects governor's nominees to school board, fisheries commission

The Alaska Legislature voted May 7 to remove Bob Griffin from the state school board amid bipartisan unhappiness over his perceived political actions as a board member. The vote came amid the Legislature’s annual vote on gubernatorial nominees. Legis... Full story

 By Larry Persily    News    May 8, 2024

More state money possible for school budget and building repairs

Gov. Mike Dunleavy has indicated he is willing to accept a one-year increase in state money for schools as legislators work toward a $175 million addition to the funding formula before their scheduled adjournment deadline May 15. The increase would...


Judge delays correspondence school order until June 30

State laws allowing correspondence students to use public funds at private and religious schools will remain in place through the end of June, but not after, an Anchorage Superior Court judge ordered May 2. Judge Adolf Zeman last month struck down tw...

 By James Brooks    News    May 1, 2024

House and Senate about $700 apart on this year's PFD

The Alaska Senate is moving toward a final vote on its draft state spending plan for the coming fiscal year, with senators expected this week to approve a budget that includes enough money to pay a 2024 Permanent Fund dividend estimated at $1,580.... Full story

 By James Brooks    News    May 1, 2024

Senate wants to fix correspondence school funding dilemma; House divided

As the state Senate is launching a legislative push intended to quickly fix a looming problem with correspondence school programs in Alaska, the House of Representatives signaled that it is so split that it may need more than a year to act on the... Full story


Legislators, governor wait for next court decision in lawsuit over correspondence funds

State legislators said they are unlikely to immediately act to address an Alaska Superior Court ruling that struck down key components of the state’s correspondence schools programs — and will wait for the Alaska Supreme Court to consider the iss... Full story


No need to amend the Alaska Constitution

Less than two years ago, Alaskans voted overwhelmingly against convening a constitutional convention to amend the state’s founding document. More than 70% of voters said no thanks, it’s a bad idea. It was the sixth time in a row, going back to 197...


School district requests increase in borough funding

The school district is requesting $1.75 million from the borough for the 2024-2025 school year budget, an increase from the $1.6 million contribution of the past two years. Even with the increase, the budget will draw down more than half of the...

 By Yereth Rosen    News    April 24, 2024

Pebble mine developer loses appeal over denied federal permit

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has dismissed an appeal filed by the Pebble mine developer in its effort to obtain a key permit needed to build the controversial copper and gold mine upstream of Southwest Alaska’s salmon-rich Bristol Bay. The d... Full story

 By Larry Persily    News    April 17, 2024

Latest state budget proposal falls short of funding Wrangell school repairs

The Alaska Senate has passed a capital budget to fund roads, school repairs and rebuilds, housing, water and sewer systems and other public works projects across the state — but the spending plan is short of funds to cover repairs to Wrangell’s thr...


Court strikes down state money for homeschooled students

An Anchorage Superior Court judge has struck down an Alaska law that allows the state to allocate cash payments to parents of homeschooled students, ruling that it violates constitutional prohibitions against spending state money on religious or priv... Full story


State House approves budget with one-time boost in school funding

The Alaska House has sent to the Senate a state operating budget for the fiscal year that starts July 1 with an almost $2,300 Permanent Fund dividend that would be the single largest expenditure in the spending plan. The budget also includes $175...


High school students statewide protest inadequate state funding

Hundreds of high schoolers across Alaska participated in an organized walkout April 4 in protest of the Legislature’s recent failure to override Gov. Mike Dunleavy’s veto of an education funding bill. The bill would have included a historic inc...


Alaska high schoolers are right to speak up

Who better to talk about education in Alaska than students. They could continue leaving it to school administrators, elected officials, their parents and teachers to speak for them, but that would be the easy way out. It’s also been unsuccessful. L...

 By Iris Samuels    News    April 10, 2024

State ferry system victim of aging vessels, lack of funding

The state ferry Tustumena is preparing for its 60th birthday party this summer. Over the years, the vessel has become a familiar and important part of life in communities between Homer and Dutch...


Stop serving up PFD as a sugary dessert

Alaska faces a seriously long list of long-term serious problems. Our population is aging, people are not moving here fast enough to replace those who leave, too many employers lack enough workers to fully staff their operations, and the state’s f...

 By Iris Samuels    News    April 3, 2024

Murkowski reiterates she cannot get behind Trump for president

Alaska Republican U.S. Sen. Lisa Murkowski has made headlines again with comments on her unwillingness to vote for former president Donald Trump, which puts her in an ever-shrinking group of GOP members opposing the party’s presumptive nominee for pr...


Tax credits no substitute for state responsibility

Tax credits have long been popular, growing more so every year. Supporters push them to provide government backing for new initiatives or ongoing programs, steering money to worthy causes — some unworthy ones, too — bypassing actual app...

 By Annie Berman    News    March 27, 2024

Research says Alaska teacher salaries below Lower 48 average

Teacher salaries in Alaska are not competitive when compared to much of the Lower 48, according to new research from the University of Alaska Anchorage’s Institute of Social and Economic Research. Alaska teachers are paid below the national a...


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