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 By Larry Persily    News    May 17, 2023

Legislators likely headed into overtime, unable to agree on PFD

Alaska lawmakers have been spending the final days of the 121-day legislative session disagreeing over the amount of this fall’s Permanent Fund dividend. As of Monday afternoon, the House and Senate appeared unable to agree on state spending for th...

 By Sophia Carlisle    News    May 17, 2023

Alaska's newest 737 takes Indigenous art to new heights

Alaska Airlines last week unveiled a new design that replaced the popular Salmon Thirty Salmon jet. The new art still features salmon, but this time from an Indigenous perspective. Crystal Kaakeeyáa... Full story

 By Marc Lutz    News    May 3, 2023

Students dissect, build, study and play in science trip

They tested their abilities to follow instructions. They designed and built structures to withstand seismic activity. They studied the inner workings of marine life. They looked at sea lion poop....

 By Larry Persily    News    April 12, 2023

Almost 500 Wrangell households received Medicaid benefits last year

The state has embarked on a mandatory income eligibility review of about 150,000 households receiving Medicaid benefits — covering as many as 260,000 people, more than one in three Alaskans. Nearly 500 Wrangell households could be in that stack....

 By Larry Persily    News    April 12, 2023

Legislation would require financial literacy class in Alaska high schools

Pointing to high credit card balances, growing student loan debts and inadequate savings for many U.S. households, Anchorage Sen. Bill Wielechowski believes it is important to teach students “to avoid common financial pitfalls and manage their...

 By Iris Samuels    News    March 29, 2023

Lawmakers push back against Dunleavy nominee to university board

Some state lawmakers have signaled their opposition to the nomination of the leader of a conservative advocacy organization to serve on the University of Alaska Board of Regents. Bethany Marcum is executive director of the Alaska Policy Forum, which...

 By James Brooks    News    March 29, 2023

Anti-discrimination bill gets first hearing in state House committee

Dozens of Alaskans testified in the state Capitol on March 20, urging lawmakers to advance a new anti-discrimination measure that would protect Alaskans from being denied housing or access to public accommodations because of their sexual orientation... Full story

 By Marc Lutz    Sports    March 15, 2023

Boys defeat Petersburg in battle for second place, win spot at state

In four days of tough battles on the hardwood, including an overtime win in the third round, the Wrangell High School boys basketball team took second place in the Southeast regional championships...

 By Caroleine James    News    March 15, 2023

State tracks Wrangell class of '05, finds over half live out of state

Zach Taylor of Muddy Water Adventures is a self-described "small-town person." He likes striking up a conversation with his barista and greeting the familiar people he passes on the street. However,...


Electric vehicles drain batteries faster in the cold - that's a problem in Alaska

Alaska's rugged and frigid Interior, where it can get as cold as minus 50 Fahrenheit, is not the place you'd expect to find an electric school bus. But here is Bus No. 50, quietly traversing about 40...

 By Iris Samuels    News    February 22, 2023

Wrangell High School 1980 graduate named state elections director

Lt. Gov. Nancy Dahlstrom on Feb. 15 appointed a longtime state employee and Republican Party supporter to lead the Alaska Division of Elections. Carol Beecher, who led the state's child support...

 By Becky Bohrer    News    February 22, 2023

Governor's promotes carbon-storage plan as big moneymaker

Oil-dependent Alaska has long sought ways to fatten its coffers and move away from the fiscal whiplash of oil’s boom-and-bust cycles. The newest idea, promoted by Republican Gov. Mike Dunleavy, would have the state capitalize on its oil and gas...


Long-time resident Marlene Ann Clarke dies at 86

Marlene Ann Clarke passed away Feb. 7 in the Wrangell long-term care facility. She was born on April 3, 1936, to Nellie Prescott and Howard Messinger in Wrangell. She spent most of her childhood in... Full story


Library digitization project will make Sentinel's full archives accessible online

Armchair historians and amateur genealogists rejoice — the entire Sentinel archive will be digitized and easily searchable online. The Friends of the Library has received a $17,000 Rasmuson Foundation grant, which, combined with community...

 By James Brooks    News    January 25, 2023

Governor names Sitka judge to Alaska Supreme Court

Gov. Mike Dunleavy has appointed Jude Pate of Sitka to the Alaska Supreme Court, making him the first justice to come directly from someplace other than Juneau, Anchorage or Fairbanks since 1960. Before Pate, the last justice who met those standards... Full story


Governor believes state can make millions storing global-warming carbon emissions

For decades, Alaska’s economy has depended on the harvest of natural resources — industries like pumping oil out of the ground and cutting timber. Now, Republican Gov. Mike Dunleavy wants the state to make money by leaving trees standing, and by...

 By Mark Thiessen    News    January 18, 2023

Federal disaster aid documents translated into Native languages were gibberish

ANCHORAGE (AP) — After tidal surges and high winds from the remnants of a rare typhoon caused extensive damage to homes along Alaska’s western coast in September, the federal government stepped in to help residents — largely Alaska Natives ...


Alaskans heading south, which is not good

For the 10th year in a row, more Alaskans moved out last year than new residents moved in. That’s a draining fact, with no real plan to plug the leak. To confirm the Alaska Department of Labor’s statistics about population and persistent...

 By James Brooks    News    January 11, 2023

Birth rate helps make up for loss of residents who left Alaska last year

Alaska’s population rose in 2022 according to new estimates released Jan. 5 by the Alaska Department of Labor, marking a second consecutive year of increases after four years of declines. The new Alaska population estimate, 736,556, is the highest... Full story

 By Sean Maguire    News    January 11, 2023

Average wait time 90 to 120 days for state to process Medicaid applications

Alaska has violated state and federal law by failing to process Medicaid applications in a timely manner, according to an Anchorage-based civil rights law firm that settled a class-action lawsuit in federal court with the state three years ago. The A...

 By Marc Lutz    News    January 4, 2023

Dave Rak retires after 45 years with Forest Service

It's been 45 years since Dave Rak and his wife Paula came to Alaska. It's been 45 years since he accepted a job as a soils scientist with the U.S. Forest Service. And now, 45 years later, he's...

 By Clarise Larson    News    January 4, 2023

Federal funding will pay for commercial driver's license training program in Southeast

Snowplow and bus drivers are exceptionally critical occupations this time of year — but they’re in short supply statewide. A new Juneau-based program may change that. The $1.7 trillion federal spending bill recently passed by Congress includes $7...

 By James Brooks    News    December 21, 2022

Governor proposes largest dividend ever but no funding increase for schools

Gov. Mike Dunleavy introduced a first-draft $7.3 billion state budget last week, meeting a legally required deadline but acknowledging that the spending plan is likely to change significantly as the administration negotiates with lawmakers in the... Full story


Study finds killing wolves and bears did not increase moose harvests

A new study found that killing thousands of wolves and bears did not make for better moose hunting in a popular Southcentral game unit over nearly four decades. The study, by retired Alaska Department of Fish and Game and University of Alaska...


Alaska needs to do more to attract new residents

More people moved out of Alaska than moved in every year between 2015 and 2021. If not for a healthy birth rate, the state population would have shrunk even more than it did. Wrangell has steadily lost population over the past 20 years, with the...


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