Elizabeth Louise “Betty” Nore, 80

Grandma Betty passed away quietly with family members beside her on Tuesday, November 13, 2012.

Elizabeth Louise “Betty” Nore, 80 was born March 29, 1932 to Livingston Desmond and Rae Desmond (Sowle).

She lived most of her life in Wrangell with the exception of a brief stay in the Seattle area and also Fairbanks. She met her husband Kjell Nore in Wrangell and were married January 9, 1952.

Kjell and Betty spent the next 60 years together raising a family that included Betsy, Ruth, Kjell, and Sheryl. Day to day life would include the famous Wednesday fry bread, many outings on the KB 4 looking for the derby winner, berry picking, and just enjoying life in small town Alaska.

Betty had many loves: her husband, children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, and St. Philips Church. All her life was spent in service to others, from her work as a home health aide helping the elders, to the kind and supporting words when someone was having a bad day. One cannot count the amount of people that Grandma Betty has touched and nurtured. Training the young to be the best they can be and in support of the elders in whatever they needed.

When it came to leaving town there was only 1 goal in mind shopping. Even in Betty’s elder years if you would turn your back for one minute to look at something, good luck finding her.

If you were sick or just had a baby, if you were a new friend, expect to get one of her handmade fleece blankets. Her fleece blankets are spread throughout the family, the US, Canada, and even Europe.

Many children received their first baking lessons from Grandma Betty. You didn’t have to be a family member she didn’t even have to know you. Her many creations included: sticky buns, maple bars, loaves of bread, and fry bread. She decided one day that the floor in the parish hall just wasn’t right which led to the decision to sell her baked goods to the tourists. It was all of her hard work and many hours that raised the money to put a new floor in.

Betty was preceded in death by daughters Ruth Klein and Sheryl Nelson; granddaughters Adrienne Nore and Shandelle Nelson.

She is survived by husband Kjell Nore Sr.; daughter Elizabeth McConachie; son Kjell Nore Jr.; and many grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Services were held on Nov. 17, 2012 at St. Philips Episcopal Church in Wrangell.


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