The Way We Were

In the Sentinel 100, 75, 50 and 25 years ago.

June 12, 1913: Tom McGrath of Victoria, who with his wife and 11-year-old son went into the Silver Creek, B.C. region in the Cassiar via Atlin last March, returned to Wrangell by way of Telegraph Creek on the Port Simpson Sunday last. Mr. McGrath says that they “mushed” 176 miles from Atlin with a dog team with supplies enough to last through the season. The trail was a hard one but after reaching their destination he discovered that he and the many others who had made the trip in, had been given a false tip and does not hesitate in saying that through “Skookum” Jim and his confederates, his party barely escaped with their lives. “Skookum” Jim, he says, came outside displaying gold of a high grade, stating that it came from Silver Creek and that the entire country was rich beyond expression. His story was so alluring that McGrath and a number of others lost no time in getting into the country only to find that they had been flim-flammed.

June 10, 1938: A Tricentenary dance will be given by Finnish-Swedish residents of Wrangell on Saturday night, June 25, commemorating the 300th anniversary of the first permanent Finn-Swede settlement in the United States at Wilmington, Delaware, in 1638. The story of the Tricentenary which will be celebrated on June 27-30 in Delaware, Pennsylvania and New Jersey was told in detail in last week's Sentinel. Since then, tentative plans for a dance in which Wrangell would participate have become definite, in the hands of a committee starting with the following members: Mrs. Andrew Prusi, Mrs. Wilfred Fykerude, Mrs. Chas. Jussila, Mrs. Carl Arola, Mrs. John Arola and Mrs. Henry Wells. It is estimated there are about 20 Finns in Wrangell and perhaps half as many Swedes. The ladies of the dance committee will welcome help from all residents of Finnish or Swedish birth or parentage. The proceeds of the dance will be donated to Bishop Rowe General Hospital after reserving enough to purchase an authoritative history for the public library.

June 14, 1963: The Regional Office of the U.S. Post Office Department in Seattle announces that the Post Office Department has accepted an assignable land option for the site of a new post office building at Petersburg, Alaska. The property is located on Waterfront and G Street, and is presently owned by John Hammer of Petersburg. It comprises 9,200 square feet.

June 9, 1988: Crews from Ritchie Transportation Inc. began work this week on the foundation for the hospital renovation project. The start-up prompted hospital officials to caution patients and visitors to watch for signs and give themselves extra time to find their way around the facility. Hospital Administrator John Vowell said the main entrance and emergency room entrance will be closed while construction is under way. If Ritchie crews are able to complete the job as hoped on June 28, he said, work to assemble the modules and foundation can proceed when the buildings arrive. Completion of the entire hospital renovation job is expected by late November or December, he said.


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