Capital projects outlined in Rooney report to Assembly


Greg Knight

The renovation of Weber Street is one of the capital projects Wrangell has scheduled in the months to come.

A series of capital projects led the way in Borough Manager Tim Rooney’s final report to the Borough Assembly last week as he highlighted the improvements on-going or planned in the Borough.

Starting off, Rooney informed the Assembly about a number of projects related to the city’s Harbor Department, including upgrades at The Marine Service Center pier.

“Pool Engineering has begun work on the pier upgrades and good progress is being made,” Rooney wrote. “The two new batter piles have been driven and attached to the existing dock structure. Scaffolding is in place under the dock to allow work to begin on the new reinforcing beams.”

Rooney also updated the quorum on the progress being made in paving the MSC.

“Southeast Roadbuilders has completed work in area 1B at the north end of The Marine Service Center, at the end of Silvernail Road, allowing access again at that gate,” Rooney stated. “Steel reinforcement is complete in area 2A in front of Chuck Jenkins’ shop with concrete to begin being placed on July 23. Excavation has also begun on area 2, which is right in the middle of the boat storage area. Less wood waste is being encountered in this area than expected and the contractor is currently on track to complete the project earlier than originally anticipated.”

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Further south from town, Heritage Harbor was also a subject raised by Rooney, with information regarding the remainder of funding used to design the new facility.

“Most remaining grant funds for Heritage Harbor are designated to go toward the Mariners’ Memorial,” he added. “The Port Commission is working on conceptual designs at this time.”

The Port Commission is set to discuss the matter at their next meeting, tentatively scheduled for Aug. 1 depending on the presence of a quorum.

Roadwork across the Borough is also ongoing and was discussed in Rooney’s report.

Regarding the Cassiar Street road and utility improvements project, Rooney said, “Plans are bid-ready and grant documents are in hand. Staff is currently working on approvals of the plans and specifications from the grant sources so that the project can go to bid. It is anticipated that some work on utilities could begin late this season if the weather allows with the remaining work to be complete by next fall.”

A road project on Weber Street is being spearheaded by the Wrangell Cooperative Association, according to Rooney, and the paving of Wood Street, near the new Alaska Island Community Services clinic, is also scheduled.

“This (Weber) project is being designed, funded, and will be constructed by the Wrangell Cooperative Association. Borough staff has been reviewing and approving plans and assisting the WCA as needed. Currently the project is scheduled to bid this winter with construction to begin as soon as weather allows in the spring,” Rooney stated, continuing, “(The Wood Street) project is bid ready, funded, and waiting until completion of the WMC replacement facility before it goes to bid and construction.”


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