Police report

November 18

Traffic stop verbal warning for license plate and DL out of state past 90 days.

November 19

License violation.

Missing medication.

Agency Assist: Traffic verbal warning for no headlights and crossing the center line.

November 20

Civil Dispute.

Civil Dispute.

Suspicious vehicle.

Citizen Assist.

Disturbance/Civil Stand-by.

November 21


Suspicious Vehicle.

Traffic Stop.

November 22

Agency Assist: Alarm.

Civil Standby.

Traffic Compliant.

Disorderly Conduct warning.

Traffic stop verbal warning for faulty equipment.

November 23

Traffic stop verbal warning for no brake lights.

Agency Assist: TSA.

November 24

Citizen Assist: Person locked out of residence.

Citizen Assist: Unlocked vehicle.

During this reporting period there were three EMS calls, three noise complaints, one dog complaint and four welfare checks.


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