Police report

Monday, April 26

Traffic stop: Verbal warning for driving habits and expired plates.

Disorderly conduct/complaint from neighbor of loud music.

Tuesday, April 27

Agency assist: Fire Department.

Motor vehicle accident.

Dog at large.

Summons served.

Citizen assist: Vehicle unlock.

Wednesday, April 28

Agency assist: Honnah Police Department.

Citizen assist.


Disabled vehicle.

Thursday, April 29

Traffic stop.

Welfare check.

Parking complaint.

Found property.

Driving suspended.

Friday, April 30

Agency assist: U.S. Forest Service.

Welfare check/ambulance.

Saturday, May 1

Agency assist: Fire Department.

Traffic stop: Verbal warning for driving habits.

Animal complaint: Deer.

Agency assist: Hoonah Police Department.

Traffic stop: Verbal warning for headlight out.

Sunday, May 2

Bar fight.

Agency assist: Ambulance.

Suspicious person/activity.

During this reporting period there were 10 subpoena services and three agency assists for an ambulance.


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