Wrangell, so far, has avoided the worst of TikTok challenges

Letters to the editor

The Lower 48 TikTok craziness continues.

September’s challenge was to vandalize school bathrooms. Wrangell schools got off lightly — a few messes in the bathrooms and small items like soap dispensers and toilet paper were stolen. Overall, nothing too serious.

In fact, I was feeling fairly confident that we had gotten ahead of this trend, and that we could focus on better and more important things.

Unfortunately, there is now a “devious licks” challenge for each month of the school year. October’s challenge is “Smack a Teacher;” December’s challenge involves exposing oneself in the halls; and January is “Jab a Breast” month.

I could go on, but I’m sure you get the picture. These challenges are not simply stunts; they’re criminal.

I may be naive, but I really believe our students are better than this. I have talked with all of the high school classes and the middle school teachers have talked to their students. Student responses could not have been better. I doubt we will have many issues with this type of behavior here in Wrangell.

I am asking, however, that you talk with your children about the seriousness of these challenges and to monitor their social media content. Devious licks challenges (as well as other TikTok challenges) have the potential to leave a permanent mark on our students’ lives.

Bob Davis

Assistant Principal/Lead Teacher

Stikine Middle School

Wrangell High School


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