Remember the true meaning of Christmas

By Pastor Nettie Covalt

Presbyterian Church

Lights, decorations everywhere, trees all decorated, presents abounding, parties galore, budgets blown! Seems that this is the modern day Christmas. Or does it?

Living in Wrangell we get to see Christmas, the real Christmas, all year long. We are so fortunate.

During the recent wind storm, people were helping each other in ways that can't be counted. When someone loses a loved one, the people of this town seem to go out of their way to help in some way. Even if someone gets ill, the Meal Train always goes above and beyond.

During this COVID time, people are finding ways to help those who are sick, in isolation, need rides, groceries delivered. The resources available in this small town of Wrangell to help each other continue to grow each year. There are so many more, but I only have so many words for this article. To those who live here or have just visited, you know.

I believe that we do remember the meaning of Christmas all year. I think that even when we seem to forget, we remember. We remember because life as we know it is only possible because God came to Earth as a wee baby that first Christmas so long ago, and later took all our sins with Him back to heaven.

It doesn’t matter what we have or don't have. The only requirement is that we believe, and seek the forgiveness He has for each of us. All of us. Merry Christmas to all.


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