High school students earn achievements, scholarships

An award and scholarship ceremony held May 13 at Wrangell High School lauded the achievement of many students and presented seniors with scholarships to further their educations.

Teachers Lisa Brooks, Jack Carney, Winston Davies, Ann Hilburn, Donna Massin and Tasha Morse all presented various students with certificates and plaques to commemorate their accomplishments for the year.

Community members presented a bevy of different scholarships to the seniors, such as Virginia Oliver, who presented Kendra Meissner and Rowen Wiederspohn with the Wrangell Cooperative Association scholarship. Oliver also teaches at the high school.


Teacher: Lisa Brooks

English awards: Liana Carney, Kiara Harrison, Rylee Chelette

Teacher: Winston Davies

Wrangell High School Shop Student of the Year: Darryl Smith

Outstanding Beginner Welder: Ethan Blatchley

Workhorse Award: Jimmy Baggen

Shop Student of the Year runner-up: Nathan Stutz

Teacher: Tasha Morse

Tri M inductees: Addy Andrews, Alisha Armstrong, Ander Edens, Daniel Harrison, Max Lloyd

Honor Fest participation award: Paige Baggen (band), Ander Edens (choir)

Music (for taking band and choir): Ander Edens, Addy Andrews

State Art participant: Paige Baggen

Art Fest participation: Cassady Cowan, Nathale Keith

Vans art team: Paige Baggen, Cassady Cowan, Sophia Hagelman, Nathale Keith, Rowen Wiederspohn

One pair of custom Vans shoes (for placing in top five of Custom Culture art contest, each student contributed brainstorming ideas and/or worked on project): Paige Baggen, Steven Bales, Randy Churchill, Cassady Cowan, Elias Decker, Jake Eastaugh, Keely Good, Sophia Hagelman, Carter Hammer, Jacen Hay, Nathale Keith, Rowen Wiederspohn, Aubrey Wynne, Leroy Wynne

Teacher: Ann Hilburn

Life Skill class

Amazing Attitude/Most Friendly award: Keely Good

Perseverance award: Jason Gadd

American Sign Language class

Best Overall Signer: Nathale Keith

Teacher: Jack Carney

Seward's Outstanding Achievement award: Aubrey Wynne, Daniel Harrison, Rylee Chelette, Ander Edens, Adeline Andrews

U.S. History classes

Lincoln's Outstanding Achievement award: Brodie Gardner, Devlyn Campbell, Nikolai Bardin-Siekawitch, Mia Wiederspohn, Spencer Petticrew, Will Ashton, Rylee Chelette, Jacen Hay, Leroy Wynne

Health class

Maslow's Outstanding Achievement award: Sophia Hagelman, Ander Edens, Daniel Harrison


Smith's Outstanding Achievement award: Liana Carney, Kendra Meissner

Wolf of Wrangell Street award (for winning both the stock simulator and personal finance simulator): James Shilts


Locke's Award of Outstanding Achievement: Jimmy Baggen, Caleb Garcia, Liana Carney, Darryl Smith, Kendra Meissner

Physical education/strength training

Improved Athlete award: Kyle Hommel, Della Churchill, Lucas Schneider, Trevyn Gillen, Ethan Blatchley, Jackson Powers, Vanessa Johnson

Lifetime Fitness award (four years in physical education): Jake Eastaugh, Rowen Wiederspohn, Liana Carney, James Shilts

Teacher: Donna Massin

Calculus Student of the Year: Kiara Harrison

Certificate of Achievement for Outstanding Work in Calculus: Kiara Harrison

Physics Student of the Year: Kiara Harrison

Certificate of Achievement for Outstanding Work in Physics: Kiara Harrison, Nikolai Bardin-Siekawitch, Will Ashton, Daniel Harrison

Precalculus Student of the Year (tie): Daniel Harrison, Will Ashton

Certificate of Achievement for Outstanding Work in Geometry: Mia Wiederspohn


University of Alaska Scholars, $12,000: Liana Carney

State of Alaska Performance Scholarships qualifiers, up to $47,552 over four years: Jimmy Baggen, Liana Carney, Kendra Meissner, Rowen Wiederspohn

Sealaska, $2,669: Jamie Early

Wrangell Pulp Scholarship, $20,000 each: Liana Carney, Jimmy Baggen, Renée Roberts

Wrangell Pat Roppel Memorial Scholarship, $5,000: Jamie Early

Wrangell Cooperative Association Scholarship, $1,000 each: Rowen Wiederspohn, Kendra Meissner

Sig and Helen Decker Memorial Scholarship, $3,000: Jamie Early

Harry H. Hirshik Scholarship, $1,500: Jimmy Baggen

AAU Helen Decker "Living Beautifully Scholarship," $2,000 each: Jamie Early, Kendra Meissner, Liana Carney

Stikine Sportsmen Association Scholarship, $2,000: Liana Carney

Frieda Lust Trust Fund Scholarship, $100: Jamie Early

Alfred B. Ryll Scholarship, $100: Emma Martinsen

Wrangell Teachers' Association, $500: Liana Carney

Alaska Peace Officer Association Scholarship, $500: Darryl Smith

Alaska Native Sisterhood Camp No. 1 Scholarship, $500: Kendra Meissner

Kiks.adí Scholarship, $500: Kendra Meissner

Alaska Native Sisterhood Scholarship, $500: Liana Carney

WMC Foundation Health Careers Scholarship, $1,000 for each of four years: Liana Carney, Jamie Early, Kendra Meissner

BASE Kindness Scholarship, $500: Sophia Hagelman

Colin Buness Memorial Scholarship, $1,000 for two years: Kendra Meissner

Wrangell Chamber of Commerce Scholarship, $1,500: Liana Carney

BPOE Most Valuable Student Participants Scholarship, $200 each: Jamie Early, Emma Martinsen, James Shilts

Wrangell Emblem Club No. 87 Scholarship, $500: Jamie Early

Virginia Kaspar Scholarship, $1,000: Kendra Meissner

Joel Wing Scholarship, $1,000: Jamie Early

Greg Scheff Memorial Scholarship, $2,000 each: Jimmy Baggen, Kendra Meissner

Allen Benjamin Scholarship, $1,000: Kendra Meissner

Anna Loftus Ream (Seattle Foundation) Scholarship, $2,500: Liana Carney


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