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Wrangell Elks is looking for a part-time employee to work three to four hours on Friday/Saturday nights selling pull-tabs and raffle tickets. Inquire at the Elks Club or call Dawn at 907-305-0552. Great opportunity to earn extra money and support our local charity fundraising efforts.


Wrangell Public Schools is accepting applications for the following positions:

Custodian: This is a full-time, year-round classified position with benefits, 7.5 hours per day. Salary placement is on Column B of the Classified Salary Schedule. Job duties include but are not limited to keeping our school complex clean and assisting with setting up rooms for classes, large presentations, and business meetings as needed; and assisting with minor repairs. A High School Diploma or equivalent is desired. The successful applicant will begin as soon as possible.

Elementary Library Paraprofessional: This is a part-time, nine-month position working 5.75 hours per day with students one-on-one or in small groups in the Evergreen Elementary School library. Salary placement is Column A on the Classified Salary Schedule. The successful applicant must have a high school diploma and an associate degree or equivalent (or higher) or the ability to pass the para-pro assessment (administered by the district). The anticipated start date for this position is Aug. 22, 2022.

High School Secretary: This is a full-time, 10-month position with benefits, supporting the principal and completing all office duties of a school secretary in the high school office. Salary placement is Column D on the Classified Salary Schedule. A high school diploma is required, experience working with teens and/or in an office setting is preferred. The anticipated start date for this position is Aug. 8, 2022.

Indian Education Director/Tutor: This is a part-time position administering the Indian Education grant, planning cultural events and activities, and tutoring Alaska Native/American Indian students to ensure that they are successful in school. Salary placement is Column A or B on the Classified Salary Schedule. The anticipated start date for this position is Aug. 22, 2022.

K-12 Special Education Teacher: This is a full-time teaching position in Grades K-12 Special Education. The position requires an Alaska teaching certificate with appropriate endorsements in Special Education or documentation of enrollment in a program to achieve an appropriate endorsement. The anticipated start date for this position is Aug. 22, 2022.

Contact the district office at 907-874-2347 for more information Positions are open until filled. It is the Wrangell Public School District’s policy to not discriminate on the basis of age, race, color, national origin, sex or disability.


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