Basketball camp preps players for coming season

Wrangell High School's basketball season is still a couple months away but coaches and players are already sharpening their skills.

Last Thursday through Saturday, a coaching representative with Point Guard College worked with players to hone their skills and focus on areas that girls and boys team coaches want to strengthen.

Coaches work together to come up with a plan on what those areas might be, and then PCG creates a curriculum to guide the players over the course of three days.

The girls head coach, Christina Good, said the three areas they designated were attacking the defense, focusing on creating space and using direction to give players an offensive advantage and get them to the basket.

"When I go outside-inside, it's actually going to take me more toward the basket and more toward a defender," said Jamie Pewinski, the PGC basketball director, as she instructed the players on Friday night. "When I go inside-outside, these layups become more difficult. ... I want to get 10 toes to the baseline, not the sideline. I'm in a power position."

Pewinski said she's worked in eight different states the past two summers. The Wrangell program was different than a typical summertime program because it was tailored for its players' specific needs. Usually, PGC clinics run general curriculums and attendees get a general training, she said.

"We like to build on skills and train some habits," Pewinski said. "So, while it's not perfect, because three days does not create a habit, you definitely see some changes in their abilities to use those skills as you continue to work through the drills."

Even though Good lost three key senior players, she believes this season's team can still go as far as they are driven to go.

"It's going to be really challenging for us, but if we can put it all together and execute at a high level like we did last year, even with our losses, I think we can find a way to win," Good said. "I still believe we can go to state but it's really going to be up to these girls."


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