Recount does not change results in tight legislative races

JUNEAU (AP) — A recount of an Anchorage-area state Senate race reaffirmed Republican Cathy Giessel as the winner, while a recount of an Anchorage House race reaffirmed Republican Rep. Tom McKay as the winner.

The Senate recount was conducted by the state Division of Elections on Dec. 7 at the request of Democrat Roselynn Cacy, who was the first of the three candidates in the race to be eliminated in the Nov. 8 ranked-vote contest. The other candidate in the race was Republican Sen. Roger Holland.

Cacy had said she had questions about the recording of votes and that transparency around the process was important to her. In her recount application, she cited a 14-vote difference between her and Holland after a round that took into account such things as the distribution of second choices on ballots that ranked write-ins first.

During the recount, both Cacy and Holland gained two votes in that round compared to certified results and a 14-vote difference remained, according to results released by the division.

Giessel is a former state Senate president. She was defeated in her 2020 Republican primary by Holland.

Democrat Denny Wells requested the recount in the House race; that recount was held Dec. 8. Results certified last week showed McKay with a seven-vote edge over Wells. The recount showed him with a nine-vote advantage at the end of the ranked-vote election.


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