Wrangell should be proud of entire staff at long-term care

My mom, Marlene Clarke, was a long-term care resident at SEARHC in Wrangell from August 2022 until her recent passing on Feb. 7.

I was so impressed by the skilled and compassionate care that she received from the nurses, nursing assistants and doctors. She never wanted to go to the long-term care unit, but in my opinion she received the best care of any nursing home anywhere.

I have worked as a registered nurse in Oregon for 32 years. I originally trained as a nursing assistant at Wrangell Medical Center in high school in the early 1970s. At that time, the city owned and operated the hospital and long-term care. Even then, the care was exceptional. My grandma, Nellie Brooks, passed away there in 2002.

I think it is a testament to the caring, small community of Wrangell, where people look out for each other. It is a great community to grow up in and raise a family. It brings out the best in people. What I heard from many nursing staff travelers is that it’s the people of Wrangell who make them want to come back again and again.

SEARHC has built a beautiful facility and should be recognized for attracting high-quality nursing staff and physicians and their willingness to bring in travelers to keep staffing levels high.

Wrangell should be very proud to have such high-quality care. There are nursing shortages all over the United States, especially in rural small towns.

Thank you to all the staff at long-term care, especially the nurses, nursing assistants and physicians.

-- Dianne Cassidy


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