Fourth of July celebration marked with plenty of fun, friendly competition

The Fourth of July celebration literally heated up over the four days of festivities as the Tongass Toughman Triathlon kicked things off with a cold, gray and rainy swim on July 1 and the street dance closed it out on July 4 when the temperature topped out at 72 degrees.

From endurance contests and games of skill to a dog show and fireworks and everything in between, the various events packed the streets of downtown with locals, visiting family and friends and tourists.

Despite concerns over this year's events due to the financial difficulties of the chamber of commerce, which organizes the celebration, volunteers and sponsors made sure Independence Day was enjoyed in the many ways in which the town has become accustomed. Here are the results of events held over the four days.

Tickets sold for royalty contest

53,704, sold by Ander Edens

Chamber raffle winners

Don McConachie, $2,500

Brian Smith, $1,500

Ellen Soerens, $1,000

Shooting competition results

There were 86 shooters for the competition, but an additional 26 had to be turned away due to time constraints.

Tickets for $25 gift certificates were drawn for 32 young people who memorized the four laws of gun safety.


First place: John Buness

Second place: Kyle Bolton

Third place: Chance Israel

Fourth place: Andrew Purviance


First place: Dena McHargue

Second place: Angela Stevens

Third place: Sabrina Yoder

Fourth place: Liz Roundtree


First place: Kyler Young

Second place: Dane Richard

Third place: Logan Vergilio

Fourth place: Andrew Kesinger

Fifth place: Devyn Young


First place: Selah Purviance

Second place: Abree Powers

Third place: Braiden Young

Fourth place: AJ Roundtree

Fifth place: Lydia Purviance

High overall: John Buness

Dog show

Costume and trick (12 competitors)

First place (tie): Fiona Scambler with Greta, Mike McCarty with Sophie

Second place (tie): Diane (no last name provided) with Alessi, Harper Cook with Aspen

Simple obstacle course (13 competitors)

First place: Lorne Cook with Lava

Second place: Harper Cook with Aspen

Third place: Bella Ritchie with Rocco

"Come" through the distraction (13 competitors)

First place: Greg Miller with Little Bear

Second place: Harper Cook with Aspen

Third place: Everly Cook with Ember

Log-rolling competition

Men's log-roll winners:

First place: Hunter Wiederspohn

Second place: Rowen Wiederspohn

Third place: Lee Wiederspohn

Women's log-roll winners:

First place: Dawson Fairbanks

Second place: Mia Wiederspohn

Third place: Emily Klosterman

Overall winner:

Hunter Wiederspohn

3-on-3 basketball results

There were no middle school girls teams, no women's teams and only one high school girls team (Taylor Young, Brinlee Young and Braidyn Young). They were unable to play anyone, so they won by default.

Middle school boys

First-place team:

Owen Mork

Chatham Mork

Jude Johnson

Second-place team:

Soren Rhinehart

Ritchie Rooney

Ricker (no last name given)

High school and men's

First-place team:

Keith Young

Kurt Young

Taylor Young

Second-place team:

Mitch Mork

Tom Anderson

Dustin Johnson

Boat races


First place: Randy Easterly

Second place: Curty Kautz

Third place: Gary Allen Jr.


First place: Curty Kautz

Second place: Scotty Phillips

Third place: Scott Gile

Canoe races

Cork capture

First-place males: "Merica's Culprate," Dune and Cooper Power

First-place females: "The Ark," Selah and Lydia Purviance

First-place coed: "Row Fast," Kylar and Brynlee (no last names given)

Short sprint

First-place males: "Ferda," Rome and Simon (no last names given)

First-place females: "Sea Cucumbers," Gracie and Alicia (no last names given)

First-place coed: "Ferda," Rome and Livia (no last names given)

Long sprint

First-place males: "Titanic," Tyson (no last name or other team members given)

First-place females (tie): "Lady Paddlers," Kim Mork and Lexie Anderson, "Poo Turds," Shelly Powers and Leslie Richards

First-place coed: "Steelers & Wheelers," Vale Massie and Tony Belback

War canoe

First place: "Iron Clad," Tyson Messmer, Rowen Wiederspohn and Jimmy Baggen

Ancient mariners

First place: Brian and Allie Peterman

Crazy Craft races

18 and above crazy craft/floaties

First place: "Mattress," Lynsie Morelli and Leslie Richard

Second place: "D&D," Carla Jarus and Dale Richard

Third place: "Buoy," Sabrina Yoder and Christina Michal

17 and under crazy craft

First place: "Bob," Kara Heller and Violet Allen

Second place: "Buoy," Kalee Herman and Elliana McIntyre

Third place: "USS Stink Boi," Delilah Clark

17 and under floaties

First place: "Titan," Johanna Sandford, Kalee Herman and Gracie Richard

Second place: "Princess and the Pea," Gage Jaruis and Isaac Richard

Third place: "The Awesome Ones," Clara Carney and Kastle Powers

Scrap Fish Derby

Children won drawing prizes including a bicycle, 13 fishing poles, 15 outdoor-related prizes and 31 cash prizes.

Ages 6-9

Largest overall catch: Cameron Young

Ages 10-13

Largest overall catch: Jenna Meissner

Second-largest catch: Kendal LaChapel

Logging competition

Power saw bucking:

First place: Matt Barker

Second place: Thomas Roland

Third place: Sean Steavens

Underhand ax chop:

First place: Thomas Roland

Second place: Matt Barker

Third place: DJ McConachie

Obstacle pole bucking:

First place: Thomas Roland

Second place: Garrett Waltz

Third place: Antoney Goetz

Double buck:

First place: Thomas Roland and Brian Schwartz

Second place: Mike Lockabey and Ted Nielson

Third place: Garrett Waltz and Antoney Goetz

Women's rolling pin:

First place: Rani Johnson

Second place: Joan Sargent

Third place: Anna Jorisek

Single buck:

First place: Thomas Roland

Second place: Garrett Waltz

Third place: Mike Lockabey

Choker setting:

First place: Antoney Goetz

Second place: Garrett Waltz

Third place: Thomas Roland

Ma and pa bucking:

First place: Garrett Waltz and Alex Sargent

Second place: Thomas and Sierra Roland

Third place: Matt Barker and Molly Bin

Ax throw:

First place: Thomas Roland

Second place: Mike Lockabey

Third place: Brian Schwartz

All-Around Logger: Thomas Roland

Bull of the Woods: Garrett Waltz

Wood raffle winner: Brian Schwartz

Wrangell Sentinel 9-Hole Best Ball Golf Tournament

July 1

First-place team (score 17, handicap 16)

Brenna Campbell

Frank Roppel

Jeff Good

Mike Benson

Second-place team (score 25, handicap 13)

Jean-Luc Lewis

Nick Opsahl

Necha Desai

Brett Woodbury

Third-place team (score 25, handicap 16)

Mike Hoyt

Mike Hoyt Jr.

Ron Schmol

Joe Delabrue

July 2

First-place team (score 20, handicap 19)

Brenna Campbell

Frank Roppel

Faye Kohrt

Glacier Larsen

Second-place team (score 21, handicap 17)

Tyler Eagle

Eric Kading

Tory Houser

Ron Schmol

Third-place team (score 22, handicap 13)

Mason Villarma

Eliza Villarma

Jeff Good

Robert Johnson

Toddler Games

Babies not yet crawling

First place (tie): Finlee Brown, Rufus Tesora

Second place: Sumner Devore

Babies not yet walking

First heat (tie): Nova File, Greta Gile

Second heat: Scottie Curley

Girls not yet 2

First place: Rachel Reeves

Second place: Andi Brown

Third place: Lydia Carney

Honorable mention: Layla McConachie, Nova Gile

Boys not yet 2

First place: Marlin Lewis

Second place: Ollie Green

Third place: Jasper Speers

Honorable mention: Ripley Miller, Arne Gunderson

Girls not yet 3

First place: Harlow Marshall

Second place (tie): Ellie Gillen, Holland Hays

Third place (tie): Devyn Jabusch, Layne Bell

Honorable mention: Marlee Gablehouse, Emmalynn Crandall, Hazel Gile

Boys not yet 3

First place: Emmitt Gerald

Second place: Tylon Grant

Third place: Beau Curley

Honorable mention: Channing McMurren, Conan Rooney

Girls not yet 4

First place: Olivia Bruggeman

Second place: Kelly Green

Third place: Isla Carney

Honorable mention: Ella Coleman, Kenna Gillen

Boys not yet 4

First place: Austin Bruggeman

Second place: Zak Steele

Third place: Samson Carney

Honorable mention: Bronn Allen, Joshua Harrison, Theo Sturer, Leo Marley, Gray Wilson

Girls and boys not yet 5

First place: Indiana Powers

Second place: Micah Gerald

Third place (tie): Maxwell Powers, Emery Wilson

Free-for-all category

Bronn Allen, Bonnie Lewis, Marlin Lewis, Emery Wilson, Emmett Gerald, Micah Gerald and Kysa Harrison

Tongass Toughman Triathlon

Solo athletes

Swim; Bike; Run; Total

Matthew Thompson, 00:49, 04:50, 03:31, 09:10

Andrew Simmonds, 00:46, 05:43, 05:31, 12:00


Swim; Bike; Run; Total

Trista and Andrew Wolverton

Both, 00:36; Andrew, 05:13; Trista, 03:49; Total, 09:39

Jimmy Nelson, Craig Purviance and Dale McMurran

Jimmy, 0:46; Craig, 04:57; Dale, 4:12; Total. 09:55

Robbie Rooney, Caroleine James and Jason Rooney

Robbie, 00:35; Caroleine, 05:54; Jason, 03:48; Total, 10:17

McKinley Fitzpatrick, Jesse (no last name given) and Ian Nelson

McKinley. 00:51; Ian, 06:28; Jesse (did not finish); no total


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