Police report

Monday, July 17

Welfare check: Person was fine.

Tuesday, July 18

Summons service.

Agency assist: Hoonah Police Department.

Agency assist: Warrant.

Lost property.

Wednesday, July 19


Agency assist: Department of Transportation.

Agency assist: Ambulance.

Agency assist: Wrangell Medical Center.

Traffic hazard: Two juveniles on scooters in Shoemaker parking lot crossed in front of a vehicle and were almost hit.

Dog complaint: Citation issued for objectionable animal.

Thursday, July 20

Unsecured premises: Truck door left open.

Agency assist: Wrangell Medical Center.

Parking violation: Vehicle moved.

Agency assist: AP&T.

Found property.

Parking complaint.

Violation condition of release.

Driving complaint: Motor scooters driving out onto City Dock.

Friday, July 21


Agency assist: Line crew.

Agency assist: Hoonah Police Department.

Concerned citizen.

Saturday, July 22

Traffic stop.

Curfew violation.

Agency assist: Oregon.

Agency assist: Nolan Center.

Animal complaint: Neighbor dispute.

Animal complaint.

Agency assist: Ambulance.

Warrant arrest: Arreseted on warrant for violation of condition of release.

Sunday, July 23



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