Eight-way tie among winners in Sentinel news quiz

There were eight perfect scores in the Sentinel’s news quiz, producing an eight-way split of the prize money.

In total, 21 readers entered the contest, answering 18 questions about the news from the first three weeks of July. Trailing the eight perfect entries, nine people missed just one of the questions.

It was the first time the Sentinel had run such a contest, which owner Larry Persily called a “current events quiz.”

The Sentinel published six questions each of three weeks — July 5, 12 and 19 — based on news stories in the paper. “There were no trick questions, no hidden answers. It only required readers to make their way through all the news stories to find the answers,” Persily said. “We’re always looking to give people more reasons to read the paper.”

Though the Sentinel had offered $500 in prize money for the top three finishers, Persily said he decided to increase the cash to $600 so that each of the eight winners will receive $75.

The winners are: Mercedes Angerman, Stephanie Frackman, Kay Larson, Nikka Mork, Paula Rak, Meilani Schijvens, Greg Wood and Marjy Wood.

The eight-way tie did not surprise Angerman, who said “it was bound to happen” with an open-book test. “I just did it for fun.”

Greg Wood said it seemed like a fun challenge. “I read the paper anyway.”

The Sentinel will mail checks to the winners this week.


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