Tuna boat comes to town

Benny Johnson displays a frozen 29-pound tuna, one of many that he sold off the fishing vessel Castaway while at the Reliance Float on Oct. 3. He and his fishing partner, Joshua Moore, have been bringing their catch to Southeast Alaska since 2014. They try to make it up to Wrangell to sell their catch every year, but the number of communities they stop in depends on how long supplies last, Johnson said. This year's sales trip brought them to Ketchikan and Coffman Cove before Wrangell, with stops in Petersburg and Juneau as the Castaway continued north. Moore, who owns the boat, had it outfitted in 2012 for albacore tuna fishing off the Pacific Northwest coast. "They've been selling pretty fast," Johnson said of the Wrangell stop. "Everybody loves them." The cost was $3.50 a pound for whole fish.


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