Police report

Monday, Nov. 6

Agency assist: Hoonah Police Department.

Found property.

Agency assist: Pretrial.

Agency assist: Privett building.

Agency assist: 911.

Tuesday, Nov. 7

Citizen assist.

Noise complaint.

Suspicious noise.

Wednesday, Nov. 8

Motor vehicle accident.

Traffic hazard.


Reckless driving.

Thursday, Nov. 9

Passing a school bus with its stop lights on.

Agency assist: Fire Department.

Traffic stop: Citation issued for driving without a license; verbal warning for registration and equipment violation.

Friday, Nov. 10

Traffic hazard.

Traffic stop: Citation issued for speed.

Traffic stop.

Saturday, Nov. 11

Traffic stop.

Civil matter.

Sunday, Nov. 12

Civil matter.

Agency assist: Ambulance.


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