Tongass Toughman offers new summer challenge with 100-mile run

Participants in last year’s Toughman Triathlon in Wrangell will have to step up their game if they want to join the challenge of running a 100-mile ultramarathon at the end of June.

Former resident Nicholas Howell posted on the Wrangell Community Group’s Facebook page last month that they “will be changing it up this year” for the annual Tongass Toughman by presenting a new challenge: a 100-mile run around Wrangell Island. According to his Facebook post, he announced the news “so individuals have something to train for.”

Howell also stated in his post that his mission is to inspire and challenge. “As an individual with a history of dealing with life’s hardships through self-destructive means, endurance challenges have changed my life.”

He added that such challenges served as an anchor for discipline, consistency, self-worth, sacrifice, connection, humility and adventure, which he wanted to pass on to others.

“Putting on the triathlon is no easy feat in terms of our own energy and resources, especially without outside funding, but mostly it was time for something new,” said last year’s triathlon organizer Ceona Koch via text on Feb. 28. “We wanted to inspire ourselves and the community with a unique challenge. I don’t want to speak for Nicholas, but endurance sports have made many positive changes in his life, and he has a lot to share with others.”

The course will cover about 20% trail, 20% pavement and 60% logging road to include the High Country Shelter Trail twice, Airport Loop Road, Pats/Spur Connect Loop, Nemo Loop Road and Lower Salamander Road out and back.

There will be a GoFundMe fundraiser during the event in support of trail work, future Toughman events gear, and promotional gifts for participants.

The competition will begin the morning of June 29, starting time to be determined, and end the next day. The start and finish line will be at the head of Rainbow Falls Trail. This event will be unofficial, covered by outside donations and free to all participants. It will include a pre-race dinner, aid stations and hot meals during the event at the Shoemaker aid station.

Registration and a pre-run dinner will be held at Shoemaker Park on June 28; friends and family are welcome.

For more information, contact Nicholas Howell at 907-305-0784, email or visit the Tongass Toughman Triathlon Facebook page.


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