Bible Baptist Church pastor family grateful for time in Wrangell

More than 27 years ago, we arrived in Wrangell with our family as the new pastor at Bible Baptist Church and, soon thereafter, taking on the role as produce manager at City Market for the next 22 years of our time here. Thank you, Benn Curtis and Chet Powell for that opportunity.

Wrangell welcomed our family with open arms, as did our new church family. Our children, Nathan, Westley and Mindy, experienced and enjoyed making a lifetime of memories living in such a different place than their familiar Midwest beginnings. Yes, the geographic beauty is beyond description, but it is the people who have impacted our lives.

Our health now dictates we relocate to the Lower 48, though it is with many mixed emotions. Many of you and our church family will forever be burned into our memories of our time with you.

It is with deep emotions and love and we approach the time of our final church service at Bible Baptist at 11 a.m. Sunday, June 9. The church will soon have a new pastor to lead, and we hope that again in the future there will be days of Camp Carmel, senior luncheons, Eagle’s Nest, Word of Life and the many other interactions in this community.

Here, there or in the air.

- Doug and Nedra Shoultz


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