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Dan's Dispatch

Alaskans are the beneficiaries of the state’s investment. Our constitution requires the State of Alaska to manage our resources to the maximum benefit of the people. Government’s fiduciary duty to its citizens is to make prudent investments and...

 By Dan Ortiz    Opinion    April 7, 2016

Dan's Dispatch

By Representative Dan Ortiz Is oil, or any commodity, really Alaska’s most valuable resource? I, for one, would say no. Our most valuable resource, the resource that most contributes to Alaska, is our people. If we were to make a ranking list of th...

 By Dan Ortiz    Opinion    March 31, 2016

Dan's Dispatch: Our Obligation: The People of Alaska

I have the honor of serving as your representative in the Alaska State Legislature. The major issue facing our legislature this session is Alaska’s fiscal situation. I’m committed to the practice of a government of the people, by the people and...

 By Dan Ortiz    Opinion    February 18, 2016

Dan's Dispatch

By Representative Dan Ortiz A daily goal of mine, as your House District 36 representative, is to create avenues for constituent communication. A belief in “government of the people, by the people, for the people,” from Lincoln’s Gettysburg...


Dan's Dispatch

Our Alaska State Constitution requires the Alaska State Legislature to ensure our natural resources are managed for the maximum benefit of Alaskans. In the interest of managing our seafood resources, our state fishing institutions should reflect our...

 By Dan Ortiz    Opinion    January 28, 2016

Dan's Dispatch

Legislators should be held to a high standard. They should lead by example in this fiscal crisis by cutting their own per diem and getting their work done in a timely manner. Legislators will...


Dan's Dispatch

To me, government by the people and for the people is more than just a theoretical concept. I believe this famous phrase from President Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address must be put into practice for government to work. That’s why I’ve been going...

 By Dan Ortiz    Opinion    July 2, 2015

Dan's Dispatch

I have previously written and spoken about how important the seafood industry is to Alaska’s economy, especially to those of us who live in Southeast Alaska. The industry accounted for 18% of all private sector resident earnings in Southeast...

 By Dan Ortiz    Opinion    May 7, 2015

Dan's Dispatch

The Alaska State Legislature is in special session. We adjourned out of regular session on the evening of April 27 without fulfilling our constitutional duty as appropriators for the State of Alaska. In response, Governor Walker called the...

 By Dan Ortiz    Opinion    March 19, 2015

Dan's Dispatch

From the beginning of this legislative session, everyone knew the $3.5 billion budget deficit would be the driving force behind nearly all legislative considerations. With oil tax revenue making up over 90% of all state revenue, and oil prices...

 By Dan Ortiz    Opinion    March 5, 2015

Dan's Dispatch

As the fisheries industry continues to expand and Wrangell's Marine Service Center's services demand increases, I believe Wrangell's economy has nowhere to go but up. However, to accommodate this grow...


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