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 By James Brooks    News    March 22, 2023 

Legislators consider multiple PFD proposals amid growing interest to solve the problem

A crowded field of proposals to address the annual debate over the amount of the Permanent Fund dividend became even more so on Friday as the Senate Finance Committee proposed a new formula for setting the payment. In the first 60 days of the 2023... Full story

 By Iris Samuels    News    March 22, 2023 

Increase in state funding for schools clears first committee

The Senate Education Committee on March 13 advanced a bill to increase state funding for public schools, clearing the bill’s first legislative hurdle. The bill to increase the base student allocation, the per-student formula used to calculate...

 By Larry Persily    News    March 22, 2023 

Ferry system short more than 100 crew to put Kennicott to work

The Alaska Marine Highway System is short more than 100 new crew to safely and dependably put the Kennicott to sea. Without enough onboard workers, the state ferry system will start the summer schedule in six weeks with its second-largest operable...


State board recommends transgender girls be excluded from girls sports at schools

In an unannounced move, the State Board of Education unanimously passed a resolution March 14 that urges the Alaska Department of Education to limit the participation of transgender girls in girls school sports. The resolution, which is non-binding,...

 By Mark Sabbatini    News    March 22, 2023 

House committee holds first hearing on governor's parental-rights bill

The first legislative hearing on Gov. Mike Dunleavy’s proposal to restrict discussion of sex and gender in schools included testimony from only two invited public guests, both supportive of the measure. The bill, which Senate leaders say is...


Not all North Slope Natives support $8 billion oil project

ANCHORAGE (AP) — The Biden administration’s approval last week of the biggest oil drilling project in Alaska in decades promises to widen a rift among Alaska Natives, with some saying that oil money can’t counter the damages caused by climate...

 By Alex DeMarban    News    March 22, 2023 

Opponents seek court order to halt work on ConocoPhillips Alaska oil project

Conservation groups have asked a federal judge for a preliminary decision to stop construction work this winter at the Willow oil field on Alaska’s North Slope, days after the Biden administration approved the $8 billion project. ConocoPhillips...

 By Yereth Rosen    News    March 22, 2023 

CDC study finds Alaska Natives have highest colon cancer rate in the world

Alaska Natives continued to have the world’s highest rates of colorectal cancer as of 2018, and case rates failed to decline significantly for the two decades leading up to that year, according to a newly published study. The study, by experts from... Full story


Governor proposes parental-rights legislation and teacher retention bonuses

While education advocates continue to push for increased state funding to Alaska public schools, Gov. Mike Dunleavy last week opted to introduce proposals that would limit sexual education in schools and impose new requirements on...


Alaska Human Rights Commission cuts back its jurisdiction in LGBTQ cases

ANCHORAGE (AP) — Alaska’s human rights commission has reversed an earlier policy and now is only investigating LGBTQ discrimination complaints related to workplace discrimination and not for other categories like housing and financing. The Anchor...


ConocoPhillips gets federal go-ahead for North Slope oil project

The Biden administration on Monday approved an $8 billion oil development on Alaska’s North Slope. ConocoPhillips’ Willow prospect in the National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska is expected to be one of the largest oil fields developed in the state in...

 By Kyle Clayton    News    March 15, 2023

Stolen money from Haines Senior Center windowsill unfolds at pot shop

Haines police have connected a suspect to a Senior Center break-in after locating stolen tightly folded, pyramid-shaped $2 bills that had decorated a windowsill and were later spent at the local pot s...


Haines sits on 7 tons of plastic it can't afford to send out for recycling

“Plastic is a wonderful product because it lasts. It’s also a really horrible product because it lasts,” Haines Friends of Recycling board chair Melissa Aronson said, standing in the operation’s warehouse. In a shipping container outside,...

 By Iris Samuels    News    March 15, 2023

Alaska may quit nationwide effort that helps maintain accurate voter rolls

Newly appointed Alaska Division of Elections Director Carol Beecher said last Thursday that she was considering severing ties with a nonprofit that helps maintain voter rolls nationwide, after several Republican-led states announced earlier this...

 By KINY Juneau    News    March 15, 2023

Postal Service selects skateboard stamp by Juneau Tlingit artist

Crystal Kaakeeyáa Rose Demientieff Worl is a Tlingit, Athabascan and Filipino artist and co-owner of Trickster Company in Juneau. And a postage stamp designer, too. On March 24, she will attend the A...

 By Patrick Whittle    News    March 15, 2023

Maine dam operator accused of not protecting last Atlantic salmon run

PORTLAND, Maine (AP) - Environmental groups and a Native American tribe have accused the operator of a Maine hydroelectric dam of not fulfilling its obligation to protect the country’s last remaining Atlantic salmon river run. The last wild...

 By James Brooks    News    March 15, 2023

Walgreens will not sell abortion pills in Alaska, at request of state attorney general

Following criticism from Alaska Attorney General Treg Taylor, the nationwide pharmacy chain Walgreens will not seek to sell the abortion-inducing drug mifepristone in Alaska, the company said earlier this month. Though abortion is legal in Alaska,... Full story


Electric vehicles drain batteries faster in the cold - that's a problem in Alaska

Alaska's rugged and frigid Interior, where it can get as cold as minus 50 Fahrenheit, is not the place you'd expect to find an electric school bus. But here is Bus No. 50, quietly traversing about 40...

 By Larry Persily    News    March 8, 2023

House committee starts work on PFD legislation

A state House committee last week held its first hearing on a bill intended to settle the Legislature’s biggest annual political battle: The amount of the Permanent Fund dividend. The bill, sponsored by Rep. Dan Ortiz, who represents Ketchikan,...

 By Clarise Larson    News    March 8, 2023

Email scam costs Juneau School District nearly $270,000

A scammer stole nearly $270,000 from the Juneau School District this fall — and it’s unlikely the district will recover the money. In a memo shared with the City and Borough of Juneau Finance Committee at its March 1 meeting, Finance Director...

 By James Brooks    News    March 8, 2023

Alaska Airlines salmon 737 will make final run to Wrangell

Alaska Airlines will paint over "Salmon Thirty Salmon," the custom Boeing 737 that looks like a 129-foot-long Alaska king salmon, the company confirmed Feb. 27. Tim Thompson, director of public... Full story

 By James Brooks    News    March 8, 2023

Moving magna prompts observers to install monitors on Mount Edgecumbe

The Alaska Volcano Observatory is planning to install a series of seismic instruments on Mount Edgecumbe near Sitka after preliminary measurements showed magma moving deep below the Mount Fuji-shaped... Full story


State commits $1.7 million to help feed Alaskans hurt by delays in food stamps

State funding is being directed to help stock Alaska food pantries — including those serving rural communities — as part of a broader effort to address a monthslong state backlog in processing food stamp benefit applications. Major delays in...

 By Yereth Rosen    News    March 8, 2023

State senator tries again for e-cigarette tax and raising age to 21

Nearly six months after Gov. Mike Dunleavy vetoed a bill aimed at reducing youth use of electronic cigarettes, its primary sponsor is trying again to pass similar legislation. Senate President Gary Stevens on March 1 introduced Senate Bill 89, which... Full story

 By Mark Sabbatini    News    March 8, 2023

State wants to take over wetlands permitting from federal government

State regulators say that taking over what are known as Clean Water Act Section 404 permits will allow more flexibility to benefit businesses and the environment in “Alaska’s unique conditions.” Most construction, resource and community develop...


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