Research shows Twin Lakes frog populations steady


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Herpetologist Joshua Ream, scouts Skylar Larrabee, Laura Helgeson, Forest Service Employee MiKayla Stokes, scout Sophie O'Brien, Forest Service employee Corree Delabrue, scouts Adrianna Larrabee, Jing O'Brien and Forest Service Wilderness Manager David Rak pose in front of "Camp 'Phibian," (otherwise known as Twin Lakes FS recreation cabin) in the Stikine-LeConte Wilderness during a frog survey expedition June 5 through June 8. Troop Leader Diane O'Brien isn't pictured.

Girl Scouts, chaperones and an amphibian researcher braved mosquitos and rain to record amphibian populations in the Twin Lakes area this weekend.

Scouts and Josh Ream - Alaska Fish and Game employee, Alaska Herpetological Society (AHS) member, University of Alaska-Fairbanks member and all-around frog guy - divided the area surrounding the dual lake system into 17 areas called "transects," then traipsed through them counting the number and species of frogs, toads, and newts they found.

The weekend trip was an educational extension of Ream's doctoral dissertation research, which focused on f...

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