Annual Ottesen's golf tournaments held

Golfers braved clouds of rain and mosquitoes to participate in the annual Ottesen's golf tournaments this weekend.

In the four-person best shot tournament held Saturday, Brian Smith, Jane Bliss, Tammy Davidson and Vincent Balansag won on an overall score of 21, with a 17-stroke team handicap. A three-person team of George Woodbury, Brett Woodbury and Warren Edgley took second on a team score of 22 with a 12-stroke handicap, followed by Greg Scheff, Bill Messmer and Pete Walden, who also scored 22 on a 14-stroke team handicap.

On the second tournament, based around the mystery scramble format, Pete Walden, Eric Kading, Jerry Bokeburg and George Woodbury triumphed with a net score of 154 on a team handicap of 43. Rodney Littleton, Greg Scheff, Ernie Christiansen and Brian Smith followed with a net score of 161 on a team handicap of 63.

The highest net score was collected by Carl Kohrt. The low net score was collected by Brian Smith.

The straightest drive was recorded by Pete Walden, who shot 53 inches off center. George Woodbury collected the shot closest to the pin, landing 10 feet, four inches away.

While the events are often held near the beginning of Fourth of July festivities, and are listed on the official Fourth of July schedule of events, the events are separate. The events are often included as part of the Fourth of July schedule as a courtesy.


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