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No Fireworks Display or Personal Use


Due to the dry conditions and water shortage concerns, there is a very high fire hazard and public safety (and property) concern. The City & Borough of Wrangell, along with the Wrangell Police Department and the Wrangell Fire Department has made the decision that there will not be a Fireworks Display this year.

We understand that the Fireworks Display is a huge part of the 4th of July however, we are very concerned with the potential for fire during these dry conditions. Further, if there were to be a fire, the water reservoir levels would drastically diminish.

Wrangell Police Department would like to remind everyone that fireworks are always prohibited within the Wrangell Borough under WMC 9.12.020. This prohibition includes all fireworks which make a loud noise or that ascend into the air by its own power. This includes fire crackers, roman candles, any aerial mortars or rockets and all types of bottle rockets. Penalties for this offense start at $200 and can reach $500 per violation. Any fireworks taken onto U.S. Forest Service managed lands are also subject to Federal penalties.

The Wrangell Police Department will be enforcing the No Fireworks ordinance and issuing citations for violations. Please be aware of this enforcement action and speak with your children so they understand that discharge of fireworks is not an acceptable activity, given the current fire hazard.

Let's have a fun and safe Fourth of July.


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