Election update

Updated November 5, 2020

The following are unofficial results for how Wrangell voted in the 2020 election, as of 3 p.m. on Nov. 4. 732 ballots were cast on election day. As of Friday afternoon, Nov. 6, these numbers have remained unchanged.

For President, Wrangell cast 171 ballots for Joe Biden, and 526 votes for Donald Trump.

For U.S. Senator, Wrangell cast 167 votes for Al Gross, and 504 votes for Dan Sullivan.

For U.S. Representative, Wrangell cast 196 votes for Alyse Galvin, and 519 votes for Don Young.

For State Senator, Wrangell cast 605 votes for Bert Stedman, and 35 votes for write-in candidates.

For State Representative, Wrangell cast 344 votes for Dan Ortiz, and 366 votes for Leslie Becker.

On retention of Susan Carney to the Alaska Supreme Court, Wrangell cast 400 votes for “yes,” and 249 votes for “no.”

On retention of Tracey Wollenberg to the Alaska Court of Appeals, Wrangell cast 414 votes for “yes” and 219 votes for “no.”

On Ballot Measure One, Wrangell cast 240 votes for “yes,” and 451 votes for “no.”

On Ballot Measure Two, Wrangell cast 322 votes for “yes,” and 379 votes for “no.”

Further information on 2020 election results for Alaska can be found at http://www.elections.alaska.gov, under the “research” and “statistics” tabs. Tiffany Montemayor, with the Division of Elections, said that absentee ballots will be counted on Nov. 10.

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