Students back in class after winter break

Wrangell Public Schools reopened their doors Tuesday at the end of winter break, sitting down students back in the classroom.

"I love school," said second grader Hailey Bartlett as she stood outside Evergreen Elementary, waiting for the doors to open.

Third grader Quinton Davies also said he is excited to be back at Evergreen.

Kindergartener Jackson Gellatle said "homework" is the most enjoyable part of school for him.

Students are not the only ones who are happy to be back at school. Special education teacher Ryan Howe said he is eager to pick up the momentum the school had before everyone left for the holiday break.

"It just feels real good to go back to it," he said. "I feel like we had a great fall, and I'm looking forward to some excellent teaching and learning heading into spring."

Assistant principal and lead teacher Jenn Miller-Yancey said she is happy to see the classrooms in use again.

"The staff were so happy to see the students, and the students came into the building and they were ecstatic," she said near the end of the first day of classes. "We're really happy to see each other."


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