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The Kennicott on Jan. 8 was the first state ferry to call on Wrangell in more than two months, and after a brief early morning unloading and loading it sailed away for Ketchikan. "Wrangell had one ferry in November, no ferry in December, and is scheduled to have only one ferry in January," Borough Manager Lisa Von Bargen said. "This is an unacceptable level of service." Von Bargen said the state is making decisions about ferry service "in a vacuum without consideration of the impacts on communities." She referred to a survey the borough conducted in October, asking businesses about the challenges they face during currently tough economic conditions. The lack of ferry service was among the top five challenges, she said. "Ferry service is a very important issue for the borough and is one this year's top legislative priorities that will be addressed in lobbying efforts with the state administration and Legislature," Von Bargen said. The next ferry to visit Wrangell is not scheduled until Feb. 14.


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