Toddlers are winners on the Fourth of July

The Fourth of July is a fun time for all ages in Wrangell, even for those still learning how to walk. Sunday's festivities included toddler games on the City Hall lawn.

Candy was thrown around the lawn for the kids to race to pick up, seeing who could get the most.

The results were:

Babies not yet crawling:

Saydee Bartlett

Babies not yet walking:

Tylon Grant

Girls not yet 2:

1st place, Ember Rae

2nd place, Emilee Stewart

3rd place, Leah Comstock

Honorable mentions:

Kinsley Garvey and Aeralynn Booker

Girls not yet 3:

1st place, Ann Tlachac

2nd place, Emma Marshall

3rd place, Lucinda Janssen



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