The perfect gift for God is yourself


December 23, 2021 | View PDF

By Kem Haggard, pastor

Harbor Light Assembly of God

It’s that time of year again. The time when you have choices to make. What gifts will you give? A tie, socks, underwear, a ring, a puppy, maybe just play it safe, get a gift card.

Whatever choice you make, you need to make it soon. Time is running out. Get it, wrap it, and place it under the tree.

In the book of Matthew, Chapter 2, we read of “wise men from the East” who, in Verse 11, presented gifts to the newborn King. How did they decide what to get? Perhaps that is a great reason they were called “wise men.” They knew the perfect gifts.

This brings up another question. If you were to get a gift for God, what would it be? I’m thinking the tie, socks, underwear, a ring, puppy, or even the gift card would not be on the list.

However, before you trigger the “Give-xiety” in your life, take a look into God’s word. It gives you direction. This Christmas, your best choices are your heart, your life, your troubles, your anxiety, and your cares. His love wants the very best for you. The best gift for the ONE who has everything? Give Him you.


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