Children's services caseworker welcome addition to town

It's been too long, more than a decade, since a state Office of Children's Services caseworker has been assigned to Wrangell. Welcome back, we missed you.

The borough and school district have been trying for years to get state officials to put back money in the budget for a caseworker in town. The position is so important to help children struggling with the emotional challenges of life that the borough offered two years ago to share the cost of the position with the state. News of the offer was well publicized in town, winning strong support from the school district and also from the Legislature.

Gov. Mike Dunleavy vetoed the first try in 2020, but kept his veto pen in his pocket last year and let the legislative deal with the borough stay in the budget, as proposed by Rep. Dan Ortiz, who represents Ketchikan and Wrangell.

The new caseworker is on the job, transferring here from Petersburg.

Getting help for children in need is a wise use of borough and state funding. Thank you.


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