Fourth of July is over, but winners keep coming in

The chainsaws are quiet. The laughter and cheers have subsided. The splashing has passed.

The Fourth of July celebration and events may be over, but the memories, victories and bragging rights will live on. From catching fish and chopping wood to volunteering and counting raffle tickets, there were plenty of positive outcomes.

"I think everything went well considering this is only the second Fourth of July celebration since COVID," said Brittani Robbins, executive director of the chamber of commerce, which organizes the festivities. "It was a good turnout, it really was."

The royalty raffle competition, which raises funds for next year's Fourth of July events and fireworks, sold 56,260 tickets at $1 each, Robbins said.

Results from the four-day celebration:

Royalty raffle winners:

First ($2,500): Brynlee Wolton

Second ($1,500): Maggie McLaughlin

Third ($1,000): Doug McCloskey

Logging competition

Power saw bucking:

First: James Montgomery, 35.3 seconds

Second: Mike Lockabey, 38.10 seconds

Third: Thomas Roland, 45.1 seconds

Underhand axe chopping

First: James Montgomery, 30.10 seconds

Second: Thomas Roland, 37.20 seconds

Third: Gavin Gladsio, 50.30 seconds

Obstacle pole bucking

First: James Montgomery, 18.65 seconds

Second: Thomas Roland, 24.15 seconds

Third: Joe Zarlengo, 33.45 seconds

Double buck (crosscut)

First: Thomas Roland and James Montgomery, 37.30 seconds

Second: Gavin Gladsio and Joe Zarlengo, 63.40 seconds

Third: Caitlin Cardinell and Sabrina Smith, 65.88 seconds

Women's rolling pin toss

First: Caitlin Cardinell, 6 points

Second: Ellen Jellum, 5 points

Third: Alex Sargent, 4 points

Single buck (crosscut)

First: James Montgomery, 22.10 seconds

Second: Thomas Roland, 23.50 seconds

Third: Chad Diffenbacher, 42.40 seconds

Ma and pa buck

First: Patrick Freeman and Sabrina Smith, 17.16 seconds

Second: James Montgomery and Caitlin Cardinell, 20.25 seconds

Third: Thomas Roland and Sierra Roland, 23.50 seconds

Choker setting

First: James Montgomery, 19 seconds

Second: Matt McPharin, 29.50 seconds

Third: Hunter Wiederspohn, 30.59 seconds

Axe throw

First: Caitlin Cardinell

Second: Ted Nielsen

Third: James Montgomery

All-around logger (most points)

First: James Montgomery, 28 points

Second: Thomas Roland, 20 points

Third: Joe Zarlengo, 10 points

Bull of the Woods sportsmanship award as voted by competitors: James Montgomery

Boat races

Limited (boats with engines under 115 hp)

First: Wayne Easterly

Second: Dustin Phillips

Unlimited (any higher horsepower)

First: Curtis "Curty" Kautz

Second: Gary Allen Jr.

Third: Jake Eastaugh

Fourth: Brandon Kenfield

Fifth: David Gillen

Art Clark Scrap Fish Derby

Ages 6-9

Winner: Violet Allen

Ages 10-13

Winner: Luke Miller

Bike drawing

Winner: Gage Lewis

Tongass Toughman Triathlon results

Solos Swim Bike Run Total

Sanoe Harrison 33.58 5:19 5:00 10:52.58

Lucy Robinson 33.00 5:31 5:05 11:09.00

Angie Flickinger 31.05 5:31 5:11 11:13.05

Kate Thomas 31.55 5:31 5.11 11:13.55

Andrew Simmonds 36.45 5:31 5:21 11:28.45

Teams Swim Bike Run Total

1 Scott Burt Rob Cross Jen Cross

28.40 3:34 3:37 7:39.40

2 Caitlin Cardinell Stephen Todd Sabrina Smith

31.15 4:40 3:48 8:59.15

3 Sage Smiley Ryan & Patrick Howell Patrick Howell

26.50 6:06 3:11 9:53.50

4 Robbie Rooney Chadd Yoder Jason Rooney

30.30 5:06 4:53 10:29.30

Canoe race results

Ages 11-14 (two paddlers): Cork Capture

First male boat: Da Bomb

First female boat: IDK

First coed boat: Bloominators

Ages 15-17 (two paddlers): Short Sprint

First male boat: Pioneer Spirit

First female boat: Sea Cucumbers

First coed boat: Armstrongs

Ages 18 and up (two paddlers): Long Sprint

First male boat: Barbarians

First female boat: Taylor's Music

First coed boat: Speed Demons

Ancient Mariners (oldest combined ages): Knot to Worry

Ages 11 and up (five paddlers): War Canoe

First place (tie): Average Joes and Pioneer Spirit

3-on-3 basketball games

High school first place women's

Taylor Young

Bradyn Young

Mia Young

Brynlee Young

Middle school boys first place

Aadyn Gillen

Michael Gillen

Boomchain Loucks

Men's first place

Jacen Hay

Brett Abrahamson

Sean Gillen

Women's first place

Kaelene Harrison

Christina Good

Cherrith Young

Disc golf tournament

Overall winner: Casey Marley

Women: Katie Marley

Youth: Jackson Powers

Toddler games

Babies not yet crawling

First: Everett Pempek

Second: Melany Shilts

Third (tie): Corbin Kettler, Ripley Miller

Babies not yet walking

First: Harlow Marshall

Second: Elena Merritt

Third (tie): Layla Conete, Khai McCloskey

Babies not yet 1

First: Khai McCloskey

Second: Miller Villarma

Girls not yet 2

First: Layne Bell

Second: Ariyah Howell

Third: Helen Sanford

Honorable mention: Emma Crandall, Hazel Gile, Marlee Gablehouse, Elianna Tollerud

Boys not yet 2

First: Tylon Grant

Second: Maxwell Rocket Powers

Third: Oliver Warren

Honorable mention: Emmitt Gerald

Girls not yet 3

First: Emilee Stewart

Second: Lola Pritchett

Boys not yet 3

First: Leo Marley

Second (tie): Paul Sanford, Joshua Harrison

Third: Braven Gillen

Honorable mention: Bronn Allen, Callum Silva

Girls not yet 4

First: Oakley Marshall

Second (tie): Lucinda Jansen, Adeline Yoder

Third (tie): Rory Roher, Espen Schilling-Freeman

Honorable mention: Marren Johnson, Juniper Kettler, Emma Marshall, Indiana Powers, Abigail Stack

Boys not yet 4

First (tie): Wilder Harding, Archer Howell

Second: Emmett Villarma

Third: Liam McCloskey

Ages 5 and 6

Maelie Freeman

*The toddler games organizers send apologies to those they missed who didn't wait to be counted or give their names. And special thanks to volunteers Chris Ellis and Tawney Crowley


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