Borough signs design contract for port and harbor surveillance cameras


The plan is to have surveillance cameras in operation at City Dock and the harbors sometime next year.

The borough assembly last week approved a $90,983 design contract with Juneau-based RESPEC to prepare plans for the cameras, wiring and server system to store the images.

“We’ll get a good percentage of the system up next year,” Steve Miller, port and harbors director, said last Thursday.

The total project is estimated at $983,000, Miller said, with $409,000 already in hand from a pair of federal Department of Homeland Security grants. The borough is applying for a third federal grant to help cover the cost, he said. A small local match will be required.

RESPEC’s design work will take about 15 weeks, the company said in its bid for the borough contract. The assembly approved the contract July 11.

After the installation work is put out for bids and a contract awarded, the job will start with City Dock, a priority for Homeland Security, Miller said. Cameras also will be put up at The Marine Service Center and all harbors. The number of cameras will be determined in the design process.

In addition to meeting federal security requirements, the cameras are intended to help the port and harbors, police and fire departments in their public safety and law enforcement efforts to protect harbor users.

Much of the project cost is due to the expense of running telecommunications wiring to the camera sites, particularly harbor floats. “That all has to be brought in” to the far-flung locations, Miller said, adding that Homeland Security wants a wired surveillance camera system rather than one that works on cell or Wi-Fi signals.

The Port and Harbors Department will operate the system, which will be monitored by harbor staff and the police. U.S. Customs and Border Protection also will have access, Miller said.


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