Rep. Ortiz an effective advocate for his Southeast House district

I was perplexed by the recent comments shared by District 1 House Candidate Jeremy Bynum in his opening remarks while debating Rep. Dan Ortiz on Oct. 13 in Ketchikan.

In referring to the leadership style of Ortiz, Bynum stated, “We’re not going to nice our way to success,” followed by inferences that Ortiz hasn’t fought for his constituents. While Bynum certainly is correct that Ortiz is a nice person, the rest of his characterization could not be further from the truth.

Ortiz and I have served in the Legislature together for eight years, and I can attest that he has been a bulldog for Southern Southeast Alaska. We have fought side by side through many political battles, taken the tough votes together, and have stood united against interests that threatened our coastal way of life and the future of this state.

During a time of declining oil revenues and an all-out assault on the services coastal communities rely on, Ortiz has been a champion for the Alaska Marine Highway System, our fishing industry, education, and his constituents.

In contrast to Bynum’s erroneous descriptions, I can only describe Ortiz, as a “fierce and effective advocate” for his district, as well as a bright future for all Alaskans.

Rep. Louise Stutes



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