St. Valentine's Day a reminder of God's love

February is the month when we turn our thoughts to matters of the heart. On the 14th we give our sweetheart a card, a box of candy or maybe take them out to dinner. No matter what is done we think of love to our wife, husband, girlfriend or boyfriend.

Saint Valentine was a third-century Roman saint and was commemorated on the 14th of February. Yes, we still celebrate the event to this day.

In the course of history there is an even greater event to show love. God sent his only son to show us just how much we are loved. That love was told to us by his worldly travels and his death on a cross. We as his children are only asked to welcome him into our hearts.

At this time in our calendar year let all of us turn our hearts not only to the ones we love but to the one who loves us unconditionally. God loves all of us, and all that is asked is acceptance.

Don McConachie

St. Philip’s Episcopal Church


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