Scheib revs up new car detailing business

No matter how many muddy boots soil your car's seat or how many lattes you spill driving over the Case Avenue potholes, a new car detailing business in town can return your vehicle to mint condition.

Scheib's Detailing, owned and operated by Erik Scheib, offers full interior deep cleans for $150.

"It puts me in a better mood when I'm in a cleaner car," he said, and since there wasn't a detailing business in town when he moved here this summer, he knew he could "kind of corner that market."

Though he announced the new business on Sept. 11, he didn't officially open until Sept. 15. In those four days, however, he'd already received about eight inquiries.

A full interior detail takes between four and five hours. The process starts with trash removal, then Scheib uses a tool similar to a massage gun to work grit and salt out of the bottom of the car so that they can be picked up by a vacuum. Even the grime that builds up inside of the air vents isn't safe from his dust-removal regimen - he uses grooved microfiber brushes to clear out these hard-to-reach areas.

He'll shampoo the floor and mats if they need it, then clean the dashboard, trim and center console.

The trim and dash get a special sealant treatment that protects them from the deteriorating effects of ultraviolet rays and adds a glossy finish. The final step is a thorough window clean.

"People are going to get their vehicle back and be like, 'holy cow,'" Scheib said.

He learned the skill from his dad and brothers, growing up in eastern Washington. Friends and relatives were often impressed by the cleanliness of the Scheibs' cars and Erik inherited his family's vehicle maintenance gene.

He loves "seeing what the difference can be and how you can make kind of a crummy dull interior turn into looking shiny and, in a lot of cases, brand new," he said.

Scheib also offers exterior detailing, though he admits that the wash job may not last long because of Wrangell's rainy weather.

Customers can opt to drop off their vehicles at his home, or he can arrange to pick them up and return them once the job is complete. In the unlikely event that a customer's vehicle is damaged while he is driving it, he assumes liability.

Because of his full-time job with the borough Public Works Department, he has limited capacity - call to schedule an appointment at 509-398-2662.


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