Ketchikan utility will drop cable, switch to streaming

Just like many other Alaska communities, the service provider in Ketchikan is dropping cable TV and moving to streaming.

The Ketchikan Public Utilities Telecommunications Division has announced it will stop offering cable television services in September 2024.

The city-owned utility said the changing landscape of how people view their video entertainment was a big factor in the decision, with streaming services largely taking over while cable TV subscriptions have declined.

The decision not only was made in response to the drop in cable TV subscribers over the years, but also in response to increased expenses and challenges that the utility has faced in continuing to offer those services, said Dan Lindgren, the utility’s telecommunications manager.

He said GCI changed its service from a cable offering to a streaming platform nearly two years ago. GCI had been the dominant cable TV provider in Alaska, including Wrangell, before converting to streaming over the internet.


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