Fourth of July produces long list of winners

Three lucky ticket holders came away as winners in the Fourth of July royalty fundraising raffle.

Wrangell residents Shannon Smith won the $2,500 first place prize and Marilyn Mork won $1,500 for second place in the drawing.

Third place of $1,000 went to former resident Mickel Haug, now living in Seattle.

The Sentinel is compiling lists of the other winners of Fourth of July events, supplied by the competition organizers.

This week's list includes the winners' names that were submitted to the newspaper as of Monday, July 8. The paper will print additional winners next week as event organizers submit their lists.

The Sentinel apologizes for any misspellings or other errors. Organizers did a great job putting on so many events for the holiday celebration, but there will always be some misspellings as volunteers try to get everyone's name down on paper at the busy finish of the competition.

Canoe race results

Long sprint, 18 and older

Men: Corey and Jerry

Women: The Forget-Me-Not Gals, Lynsie Morelli and Leslie Richard

Co-ed: Shuck Attack, Ben and Allison

Ancient Mariner: The Powers

War canoe, 11 and older

Matt Richards, Leslie Richard and Lynsie Morelli

Cork capture, ages 11-14

Men: Beta Queens Isacc and Dane

Women: No entry

Co-ed: Kyle and Bradyn

Short sprints, ages 15-17

Men: Sinan and Cooper

Women: Kalee Josie

Co-ed: Braiden and Taylor Young

Target shooting

High score overall: John Buness

Fastest time: Adam Messmer

Closest to 50%: Colt Elliot

Men, first through fifth place: John Buness, Kaydin Mill, Chance Israel, Anthony Morton and Derek Angerman

Women, first through fifth place: Melinda Messmer, Kristi Warren, Megan Adams, Seanne O'Sullivan and Bethany Osborn

Boys, fifth through fifth place: Dante Romas, Fred Atoruk, Colt Elliot, Isaiah Stewart and Dane Richard

Girls, first through fifth place: Gracie Stoudt, Presley Paulo-Sambito, Fannie Williams, Elaina Haines and Alyssia Roundtree

The following juniors had their names pulled to receive the grand prize gift certificate bundles:

$150 in certificates to Jude Johnson

$125 in certificates to Isaac Richard

$100 in certificates to Gretchen Powell

Art Clark Scrap Fish Derby

Largest Fish, Ages 6-9: Peyton Stolley

Largest Fish, Ages 10-13: James Benson

First Fish: Jack Keller

Ages 6-9

Bullhead: Largest, Carolyn Allen; smallest, Emme Schmohl

Flounder: Largest, Aurora Crandall; smallest, Wyatt Thomassen

Perch: Largest, Justin Hudson; smallest: Luke Sanford

Eel: Ryder Miller

Crab: Ryder Miller

Other: Largest, William Jenson; smallest: Givia Delabure

Ages 10-13

Irish Lord: Largest, Kenan Elekdag; smallest, Devan Young

Bullhead: Largest, Connor Blake; smallest, Logan Janson

Flounder: Largest, Brynle Young; smallest, Ryder Ritchie and Isach Richard

Eel: Logan Jansen

Crab: Largest, Kayia Roher; smallest: Jansen

Starfish: Largest, Radely Powers; smallest, Kellan Young

Other: Largest, Keian Young; smallest: Maddy Stack

Raffle of donated prizes

Bike: Ayla Elekdag

$50: Harper Cook

Sleeping bag: Adlee Chelette and Quinn Davies

Fishing pole: Sadie Glenz, Kannon Martin, Eli Carney, Parker Crandall, Olivia Schmohl, Jett Campbell, Presley Paulo-Sambito, Jude Johnson, Gretchen Powell, Garrett, Jake Schmohl, Bo Ritchie, Duncan Scrambler and Emma Welch

Candy-filled tackle box: Tegan Kuntz and Grace Stack

Life vest: Walter McHolland

Log rolling

Overall champion: Hunter Wiederspohn

Men's division: First, Hunter Wiederspohn; second, Lee Wiederspohn; third, Trevor Grant

Women's division: First, Mia Wiederspohn; second, Peyton Paulo-Sambito; third place, Devyn Johnson

Disc Golf Tournament

Women, first through third: Christina Michal, Ladonna Botsford, Melinda Messmer

Men, first through third: Quentin Overton (winner of Best Overall title), Zee McManus, Pat McManus

Closest to the pin: Alex Riordon


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