The Way We Were

From the Sentinel 100, 75, 50 and 25 years ago

Nov. 30, 1922

J.G. Galvin arrived in town Saturday after being out with engineers for the past several weeks. Mr. Galvin stated that John P. Van Orsdel of the J.D. Lacy Co. is preparing a report on timber conditions in the vicinity of Wrangell. The J.D. Lacy Co. is one of the best known cruising and timber estimating corporations in the country. That the report of the engineers will be favorable is regarded as a certainty, in which case the establishment of a paper mill will proceed without delay. Mr. Galvin stated that he had every reason to believe that work on the project would begin right after the first of the year. The plant will be located at the mouth of Thoms Creek about 30 miles from Wrangell. While plans are being drawn for the mill, such preliminary work as building docks, warehouses and cottages for the men will go ahead as rapidly as possible.

Nov. 28, 1947

Some landlords in the Wrangell area are requiring their tenants to decorate their accommodations (either inside or outside) as a condition of rental, Area Rent Director Walter E. Walsh said today. He pointed out that arrangements of that nature are a violation of the federal rent regulation. Requiring current or prospective tenants to perform such work at their own time or expense, in addition to payment of the maximum amount of rent allowed by regulations, represents an over-ceiling charge by the landlord, he said, and tenants have recourse to law by suing the landlord for three times the amount of any overcharges represented by the over-ceiling work and cash payments.

Dec. 1, 1972

District Judge Harris R. Bullerwell will speak about local government on Monday evening to members of the Mayor’s Borough and Annexation Committee and interested citizens. Bob Grant, chairman of the mayor’s committee, pointed out that local government should be a matter of concern to Wrangell area citizens. Grant said: “Reportedly, Governor Egan will seek again this coming legislative session to have some form of taxation imposed in the unorganized borough.” Pointing out that the environs of Wrangell outside the city limits are located in the state’s unorganized borough, Grant added that citizens should be aware of what such a taxation proposal could mean in the areas outside Wrangell.

Nov. 27, 1997

Over the weekend the Wrangell High School Wrestling Invitational took place. Ten schools attended, including Juneau, Ketchikan, Sitka, Mt. Edgecombe, Klawock, Craig, Hoonah, Skagway, Kake and Petersburg. There were approximately 120 wrestlers in all that competed in over 300 matches. The Wrangell wrestlers themselves competed in over 50. Coach Clyde Lee was enthusiastic about the boys’ performance. “The matches were a huge success. They performed well in tough matches. We look forward to the regionals in Klawock on Dec. 5 and the invitational in Juneau this weekend.”


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